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  1. Rividiculous

    Max vs. Standard+ | Seeking Knowledge

    Okay, forgive me as this may seem remedial to many of you, but some of the battery discussions have been over my head. Is it correct that the Standard+ battery is simply a max pack that is software locked to 79%? (Will Rivian say as much? I saw people found it was indicated as SW lock in some...
  2. Rividiculous

    “Post-Retooling” R1 Timing

    When the h-e-double hockey sticks will the post-retooling (not saying, ahem, refreshed, ahem) R1s hit the Shop? Do they really have so much pre-retooling inventory even after a month long shutdown that it won’t be in May? Why is there talk of waiting until Investor Day (late June)? Investors...
  3. Rividiculous

    Should RJ try to get the exiting Tesla execs?

    WSJ reports that along with the 10% headcount reduction, two prominent Tesla execs are departing. Drew Baglino and Rohan Patel. Anyone know much about them? Should RJ be trying to snag this talent? Also, I have a robo-taxi already. It’s called the subway. (I know, I know, not quite the same...
  4. Rividiculous

    R2/R3 vs. BMW Neue Klasse X

    How do you all view BMW’s “Vision Neue Klasse X” in comparison to the upcoming R2 and R3 models? I assume it won’t have the off-road chops of the Rivians but it might be a good option for mall crawlers (like me, except not like me because I’m such a Rivian-head). Admittedly, details are vague...