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  1. Blueassassin

    Solar Eclipse in Bloomington Southern Indiana.

    I'm planning on doing a road trip to Normal / Bloomington and watching the full solar eclipse Monday April 8th . Don't have much for plans yet except a cooler a grill and having a good time. wondering if anyone else was planning the same it could be a get together or a fun drive if people from...
  2. Blueassassin

    There’s now a Rivian widget for iOS and Android!

    Am I the only one that missed this because I have needed this in my life! Apple phone
  3. Blueassassin

    De Walt chargers?

    This is something I wasn’t expecting. https://www.dewaltevcharger.com/
  4. Blueassassin

    Oh boy this is bad 🫣

  5. Blueassassin

    Turning on Heated Mirrors ?

    Ok am I missing the mirror def button somewhere? Had it on full def and it wouldn’t melt the truck has heated mirrors right?
  6. Blueassassin

    Christmas Mode?

    With 12 days to Christmas now when do we think we will be given gear guard gary in a Santa hat?
  7. Blueassassin

    The suspense is killing me... how long to get through Step 8?

    How long does it normally take for people to get through step 8? it moved from Normal to Chicago I was told Friday so I assume actually left Monday or so. I only refresh the browser every hour or so :D
  8. Blueassassin

    Rivian max power mode “and homer video”

    Any one else catch this? News to me and also hilarious. https://www.motortrend.com/reviews/2021-ram-1500-trx-long-term-update-6/amp/
  9. Blueassassin

    Registration fees

    Just paid the registration on my other vehicle and curios what people are paying for their R1 currently.
  10. Blueassassin

    Solar charging

    This has me exited for the future and camping possibilities.
  11. Blueassassin

    Raptor bedliner sprayed R1T

    Did everyone see this? Im not sure if i like it or hate it but man someone has some balls to bed liner a brand new $80,000 truck.
  12. Blueassassin

    How many 2018 preorder holders are still waiting?

    Just curios How many other 2018 res holders are still sitting back waiting for their Launch Editions. Hearing that there have now been Adventure Package deliveries and people that ordered two years after me has had me frustrated to say the least.
  13. Blueassassin

    ICE Alternatives for a cool off-road rig.

    Just curios what everyone else is going towards. here is my top three in order.
  14. Blueassassin

    Sun roof shade

    Why couldn't Rivian add a shade like this to the current roof?
  15. Blueassassin

    Fridge freezer options.

    Anyone have any experience with fridge freezers? wanting to get one for a while and the Rivian with a kitchen the fridge freezer almost seems like a must. I found this one that uses and app and has the dual zones which I think is a must. Any reason to spend the stupid money on an ARB or...
  16. Blueassassin

    Test Drive Invitations are arriving! And First Mile events tab now available

    Email just came test drives for Normal Schedule your drive! You have an all-access pass to experiences featuring the R1T. First Mile invitations are non-transferrable and space is limited. You’ll want to schedule your drive right away. Please note that we can only...
  17. Blueassassin

    Ford Lightning EV Tour event

    Got the opportunity to go get a full tour of the new Ford EV's and figured I would share for those who are interested. It included the Transit van which they even said is the same as the ice van but with the guts of the Mach-E thrown in it. The Lightning had quite a few cool items of note...
  18. Blueassassin

    Glamping with R1T + roof top tent + ???

    I love camping and off-roading and am super exited about the adventures ahead. My wife is not a fan and so with this R1T and the roof top tent I'm hoping to wean her more into camping. I know I will be buying a nice fridge freezer for the frunk anyone have any experience with this or suggest a...
  19. Blueassassin

    Accessories wishlist

    I always add lights and other accessories to my vehicles and given the way the interior is in the truck it would be a shame to drill holes and put in switches. Here's my hope a couple accessories ports built in that could be turned on and off from the display and the app. Camp lights, off-road...