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  1. ja_kub_sz

    Video: Preproduction R1T Begin Rolling Off The Line!

    So looks like the drive, park, reverse will be like the Model S, and I would guess tilt telescope controls as the other with two turn stalks. The rear doors also didn't have an upper speaker as see before with the other models. Maybe just need to add it later. Again the bases of the seats are...
  2. ja_kub_sz

    Video: Preproduction R1T Begin Rolling Off The Line!

    Dash looks non-wood, but does have a texture to it. Wonder if there's a glovebox? Looks like we can see the 21" wheel and tire up close too. I guess black door handles are something we can expect. The light interior in this truck seems to have dark doors which is different them what we've seen...
  3. ja_kub_sz

    Lower Range?

    Thanks a ton for the response!
  4. ja_kub_sz

    Lower Range?

    Does anyone know if Rivian's quad motor wheel based propulsion system will be better for range or equal to the dual motor Tesla set up? Tesla claims the two motors is better for range despite the added weight compared to the single motor. My concern is other EV manufacturers aren't anywhere...
  5. ja_kub_sz

    Rivian Hires Ex-Tesla Exec as Top Engineer

    Was reading about this and could also have something to do with his departure. Definitely not good PR, true or not. But again this is akin to early Tesla growing pains with leadership personnel coming and going and the rumors/claims that follow.
  6. ja_kub_sz

    Wait. GM Actually wanted Rivian to just give up their own EV plans?

    That's true and a big part of the partnership. Rivian builds the platforms, Amazon buys the tech for self driving which Rivian will have access to. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Aurora working with FCA, but recently dropped ties with VW who went with Argo (joint venture with Ford)? AI and...
  7. ja_kub_sz

    Wait. GM Actually wanted Rivian to just give up their own EV plans?

    The deal I'm guessing revolved around Cruise AI from some behind the seems talk I heard. Rivian was interested in access to GM's extensive lidar based maps with Cruise AI, GM felt that access was worth basically all of Rivian. Who knows... Crusie does have a 20 billion valuation which is larger...
  8. ja_kub_sz

    (Bed) size matters

    As long as the tailgate can be left open and they have tie downs and/or a bed extender set up I'll be fine. Just hope the tailgate can hold a couple hundred pounds (600-1000lbs).
  9. ja_kub_sz

    Rivian Exec Says Interior will "Wow" Buyers

    My Model S was decent, I felt it was luxurious, but again not on par with the classic German big three. But Tesla did a good enough job making it different enough so that you were less inclined to compare it directly to any other vehicle. It felt special... Luxury, well that's a big and old...
  10. ja_kub_sz

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    I'm sure this has been asked and answered already, but anyone hear of any lease/subscription (month to month, or year to year) plans for the R1T? I was looking to lease, but haven't heard anything concrete about ownership plans.
  11. ja_kub_sz

    Our own "configurator" Thread

    My thoughts 8 color choices Blue White Light Grey Dark Grey Green Yellow Black Red Three battery sizes 105kwh 135kwh 180kwh (Drop 3rd Row R1S) Three interior colors Olive (Forest) White (Lunar Rock) Black (RJ Black) Each interior color has 2 options for finish accent pieces. Olive: brown...
  12. ja_kub_sz

    Rivian Battery Poll - VOTE HERE

    Again the 180kwh is a must for me. I found with my previous EV and my driving habits that range is basically at 75% the listed capacity. One of my typical commutes for work is 125 miles one way, which will probably drop my range down 160 miles, so just that drove alone to and from work with no...
  13. ja_kub_sz

    First look at Rivian Electrochromic Roof in action

    I was always thinking about this with my Model S, interior temps and all, but temp controls with the all took care of all that for me. I do however hope that the glass roof will have the same darkness as standard privacy glass included in the majority of cars on the market today.
  14. ja_kub_sz

    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    I'd say go for it. Start a thread and see what people think. I would be in favor of it, but I already posted how I thought an Avalanche style fold down cab/bed patrician wall would be the most versatile for the R1T. I'm doubtful thought it'll change any time soon with production being so close...
  15. ja_kub_sz

    Yellow and Blue R1T promotional shoot with Normal Police

    Do you know where or when that was? I honestly wonder what they'll do? Thanks a ton for the information though I was really hung up on not wanting wood trim in the vehicle.
  16. ja_kub_sz

    Introductions! Drop in and say hello new and old members...

    Hey there! Happy you're excited for your R1T. Out by me (central Illinois) 70k pickups and rough and tumble 20 something pipefitter's and tradesman is very common. I'm most excited to join in the pickup fun out here in Illinois and am so excited to watch heads spin when my new electric pickup...
  17. ja_kub_sz

    Yellow and Blue R1T promotional shoot with Normal Police

    Gray all day! I really like the new faux flat grey FCA has been using on it's vehicles and think it would look good on the R1T. Otherwise any grey color would do it for me. I would pick the black interior color option for the vehicle as is, but if I could get a non-wood option for the...
  18. ja_kub_sz

    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    I'm torn as for the fold up seats and access to a flat interior cargo area within the cab. Pros: * It would be a very large, enclosed storage area with unique dimensions in regards to the other storage areas (frunk, bed & tunnel). * Climate controlled area for storage with access within the cab...
  19. ja_kub_sz

    New Official Video: Normal, August 2020 | Progress Report | Rivian

    With RJ referencing a new 21" wheel we have yet to see, I do remember him saying something about wheel options for the R1T. I know that the first wheel picture I posted was his "favorite 20" wheel" for the R1T on the blue R1T when it was on display at the Rivian Normal event. The second was the...
  20. ja_kub_sz

    New Official Video: Normal, August 2020 | Progress Report | Rivian

    So maybe the R1T will only have a 20" and 21" wheel option (no 22"s like the SUV). I personally liked the look of the 22" wheel best, but my discovery has 21's and looks fine. It's always interesting to see what little easter egg bonus's they drop into the video updates.