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  1. ohmman

    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    Slightly off topic, but the book Bad Blood is a great page-turning read about Holmes and Theranos.
  2. ohmman

    Rivian among first recipients of Amazon's $2 billion climate fund

    This was great. Thanks.
  3. ohmman

    Rivian among first recipients of Amazon's $2 billion climate fund

    Redwood Materials has a pretty bold goal, which is to effectively cut the cost of battery materials in half compared to mining. WSJ recently had a piece on them. From an environmental and economic perspective, this is a really important piece of the puzzle that is currently missing. I'm...
  4. ohmman

    EA decides to shut down chargers along nearly 500 miles of I-95 over long holiday weekend to perform upgrades

    Also remember that to date, DCFC should be used on an only-as-needed basis, as it does degrade the batteries more than slower charging. This, despite what Tesla advised early on. We have seen that older Tesla packs have been getting capped DCFC rates to preserve the packs through Tesla's...
  5. ohmman

    EA decides to shut down chargers along nearly 500 miles of I-95 over long holiday weekend to perform upgrades

    My understanding is that your assumption is correct. You are charged based on capability, not on taper consumption. I've read a few posts elsewhere complaining about this. This could put a damper on my enthusiasm for an R1T. I plan to tow with it, so consumption will be high and charging could...
  6. ohmman

    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    But you didn't do a comparison to those utilities investing in grid based battery storage. Which one is more black? You're referencing curtailment, and I've heard his argument. The problem with the argument, from my view, is that levels of grid curtailment are still relatively low, and with...
  7. ohmman

    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    Again, we have a huge demand for hydrogen already, which dwarfs anything the transportation industry might need in the next decade, and it hasn't improved the method of production. Using hydrogen as storage for curtailment may be an eventual use, but that hydrogen should supplant "dirty"...
  8. ohmman

    Reservations About My Reservation

    I refused to wire the funds to Tesla in advance, and brought a personal check to delivery for both vehicles. They accepted that in 2014 and 2016; policies may have changed since then. Regarding the R1T having a somewhat "luxurious" interior and that being incompatible with adventure seeking, I...
  9. ohmman

    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    I have very little interest in FCEVs, as they are an extremely complicated and wasteful solution to something that BEVs have already mostly accomplished. Industry uses something like 10MM tons of hydrogen annually, a small fraction of which is supplied by electrolysis. If there is to be more...
  10. ohmman

    Towing Airstream Classic

    When I was researching what I could achieve towing my Airstream with my X, I came across some suggestions that the "hit" to a vehicle with an ICE is less than with an EV. That is because internal combustion engines are already relatively inefficient in the comparison (about 40% for the best ICE...
  11. ohmman

    What Rivian Permits search reveals

    On the Tesla Motors Club forums, there are some excellent sleuths who find Supercharger permits by searching new permits in suspected locations. I'm not great at this, but thought it might be worthwhile to start a thread for anyone who has ideas where/when the adventure network might get...
  12. ohmman

    Reservations About My Reservation

    I'm not a 20-something rock climber. I'm a camper and hiker, though, and I also own a few acres that I manage myself. I've never been a truck guy, so a full size work pickup is overkill. Something that can tow my small camper, do small dump runs and be used to deliver gravel or mulch to the...
  13. ohmman

    Reservations About My Reservation

    This is the most likely scenario in my opinion, and is the same as Tesla has done in the past. My deposit was refundable until I configured and submitted (and possibly still refundable for a few days after that, IIRC). I am late in the reservation queue, but plan to spec a "fully loaded"...
  14. ohmman

    Video: Preproduction R1T Begin Rolling Off The Line!

    I think I see the door to the left of the receiver.
  15. ohmman

    Rivian R2X and R1V model names trademarked

    Late response to the R1V consumer edition idea, but boy would a Rivian camper van be cool as hell.
  16. ohmman

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    I agree with this, though I think CT will be able to rapidly catch up and pass the Rivian deliveries (order conversions permitting) due to Tesla's ability to supply itself with batteries and other vertically integrated components. Plus their willingness to deliver cars that maybe aren't quite...
  17. ohmman

    Towing with an Electric Pickup Might Pose Charging Challenges

    Having towed a lot with an EV, I can tell you that unhitching to charge is kind of the norm. It's also not a big deal at all. An extra 5 minutes max on both ends of the transaction, even with weight distribution. That said, I mostly tow my camper in good weather (summers on the West Coast) and...
  18. ohmman

    Video Feature: Long Way Up -- R1T's 13k mile all-electric journey from Patagonia to LA

    Thanks. He mentioned carbon neutral which isn't correct unless they somehow tapped into carbon neutral electricity the entire way, which is extremely unlikely. Less carbon, absolutely. In some ways, based upon the things he's saying, it seems like lessons that many EV owners already know...
  19. ohmman

    Federal Tax Credit for Electric Vehicle Chargers Renewed

    It's worth evaluating your driving needs as well. I considered adding a second EVSE (Tesla Wall Charger) in our garage when we got our X, but decided to try plugging in the car that needed the charge more each night. That method has worked fine for our driving habits and we've never been in a...