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  1. Deer hit the front end... repair cost?

    After seeing other repair costs, this will easily be $Gazillion Billions to fix. The Insurance company will probably total the vehicle and you'll have an opportunity to get a updated R1 :) In all seriousness, sorry to hear.
  2. California DMV Registration Renewal

    Just got my CA renewal for 2023 R1S. $935 total.
  3. Starting to get interested and reading a bunch

    You're getting lots of good advices here. Like to add couple of things that has not been mentioned. Given your screen name, I assume you're big classic music listener. The biggest sound disruption you'll get from R1S is most likely wind noise at freeway speeds. This will drown out many...
  4. Volvo EX90 pricing and features info

    Both EX90 and Polestar 3 are build on the same platform. The Polestar 3 is about XC60 sized eSUV. Would not expect EX90 to be the same size as XC90. Clearly, it will confuse people and most will assume its an electric version of XC90 so it is misleading.
  5. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Like I'd said, hate has no bounds. If you are that curious, ask Rivian. It's Rivian who is sending these out to us. Not Tesla. Dont get me wrong, I am in line waiting too.
  6. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    HaHa, LMFAO... The Tesla and Elon hate never disappoints on this forum. Tesla does not make the adapter. Its licensed and is made by a 3rd party and Tesla generates revenue from SC being utilized regardless of who uses it.
  7. Parking Garage Structural Rating (Inquiry)

    Most structural designs have factor of safety built in. FS is usually 1.5x. Some higher. For an example, if there is a 3 ton limit, (6klbs), the design is made to withstand 9klbs, or 1.5x6klbs. In the case of any parking structure, it's not any single vehicle weight. It's the total...
  8. Keeping black plastic trim BLACK!?

    Does not take long at all. Maybe 10 min? I used 4 packs/wipes to do the entire plastic black cladding and bumper area on R1S. It needs to be blended before dries since the wipe gets dryer as you go along. Just go over the areas that has noticeably excessive liquid. Just make sure you start...
  9. 2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    Probably because if 20" was offered as the baseline, people would not upgrade to 20" AT very often. People will take delivery with baseline wheel and aftermarket to 20"AT at a significant less cost than the factory option.
  10. 2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    Surprised that CCS1 port is still used instead of NACS. The updated vehicle must be 2025 model year and they dont have NACS worked out for in-vehicle install at this time. The most interesting is the elimination of 21" wheel. Pirelli made special tire for Rivian. Now not being used. Must...
  11. Wheel/Tire Change Thoughts: 22's -> 20's w/ Non-oem 275/60's

    Why not 275/50/22 115H (not 119S) LTX M/S2, since your thinking of this tire anyway? The load rating is fine since Rivian started shipping R1 w/115H originally before changing to 116H. Additionally there is ~30 lb weight difference between the 115H and 119S, per tire which will affect the...
  12. Road Charge Collection Pilot—California pilot study

    You probably voted to increase the gasoline tax few years ago didn't you??? Stop taxing us to death in CA. Cut the administrations and have smaller government agencies and spend the money where they should be spent. I have driven across the country and CA has one of the better roadways and...
  13. iPhone ring Volume always goes to max level when phone pairs to truck

    Yes its BT connection to R1 so that R1 controls the output to the speaker. When your IPh disconnects to Rivian BT, it will return to your setting. Just happens to be the Rivian implementation. Most device do not control the volume so that you can change volume from iPh or connected.
  14. Road Charge Collection Pilot—California pilot study

    Why would anyone want to do this?? Just for $400 to sell your privacy and your usage.
  15. Bug Tare-Away Shield for R1 Front End Needed

    I haven't been on a road trip since the original post but I will use ordinary saran wrap to cover the vehicle's front end, except where the air intake is. I've tried a sheet to go around the front and it sticks so just a single layer and upon arrival, I will simply remove the wrap and all the...
  16. Conserve mode effects on safety/handling?

    Two comments: 1) Conserve FWD mode only eat tires if used during accelerating and braking (e.g., in city driving, traffic on freeway) for period of time. I have R1S w/22" and now ~12,000 miles. Both front and rear tires are wearing evenly and have driven over 2,500 miles of that on the...
  17. Anyone Rallycrossed a R1S?

    Interesting comment from the organizer. All BEVs have lower center of gravity than ICE vehicles. Even at the "high" setting, R1 cg is much lower than other trucks or SUVs. Clearly, Sedan and hatchback based rally vehicles have lower cg. Depending on your wheel size, I would be more concerned...
  18. SoFlo R1S

    Kinda like the interior mod.
  19. Not even 1000 miles and the R1S needs service

    No. I just have 25+ yrs of product development. Anything brand new goes through this type of failure because pre-production test cannot cover all scenarios. They use statical analysis using data sampling from actual tests that tests planned cases. Also can happen due to small part anomaly...