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  1. PappaBolt

    Commuting Concerns on a Packed Ferry Boat

    This is a speculative thread on being prepared for potential breakdowns while on a packed ferry boat. I commute several days a week via a crowded vehicle ferry. The cars are squeezed in as tight as possible with no room to go around if there’s a breakdown. As you might expect traditional ICE...
  2. PappaBolt

    Washington SOLD: 21 Spare with Bottle Jack $400

    I’m selling my 21 spare wheel and tire that I had purchased for my R1S. Now that I have the compact spare, I’m parting ways with it. Works for R1T/R1S owners in need of a full size spare and jack. I bought it used locally from someone that had switched to different wheels for their R1T. I’ve...
  3. PappaBolt

    Re-Compacting the Compact Spare

    I’ve seen some videos of the spare re-compacting when letting out the air, but I don’t see any guidance on this in the owners manual. So I’m wondering: 1. Does it fully compress back to its previous new unused size? 2. Does inflating and de-inflating xx cycles add structural integrity risk to...
  4. PappaBolt

    Compact Spare Goes on Deflated

    After finally getting a compact spare for my R1S, I started reading the instructions and found this in the owners manual: Page 258: "Install the compact spare on the vehicle before you inflate it" I'm trying to understand the rationale. Why not inflate it before you put it on?
  5. PappaBolt

    HVAC is Wonky: Defrost Always On

    Every time I turn on HVAC with auto control, the defrost and floor vents are active. If I disable those vents, turn off HVAC and then turn it back on, the defrost and floor vents are active again. Any speculation on why it’s always activated regardless of need? The additional airflow increases...
  6. PappaBolt

    Washington WTB 20 Wheel and Tire for Spare

    After waiting over a year for Rivian to sell a compact spare for my R1S I’ve given up. I’m Looking for an 20” wheel and tire to use as a spare.
  7. PappaBolt

    Washington WTB: 20 all terrain tire and wheel

    I want to add a full size spare for my R1S since Rivian can’t seem to provide any expectation on delivering a compact spare. Any wheel is fine. It will live vertically, strapped into the sub-cargo area on long-haul trips.
  8. PappaBolt

    Charging During Extended Away

    This has probably been asked a thousand times, but wondering what the latest consensus is: I’ll be traveling for a few weeks and my R1S will remain in my garage. Should I: a) Charge it up and leave it unplugged and let vampire drain happen? b) Leave it tethered to the charger and set the limit...
  9. PappaBolt

    WeatherTech R1S Rear Cargo Liners Are Here

    Just ordered this as an experiment. I’ll report back on fit and quality. https://www.weathertech.com/rivian/2022/r1s/cargo-liner/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=sfmc&utm_campaign=Retail_Product+Availabilty_Rivian_R1S_2022_CL_07032023&utm_term=20230703_53310
  10. PappaBolt

    Rivian Charger Reset - Charging Limited

    I had my charger on a 30 amp circuit and charging was limited to 26 amps. I’ve now upgraded to a 60 amp circuit and set all the dip switches to “on”. I’m still only getting 26 amps. Was expecting 48 amps. Do I need to reset the charger somehow so it doesn’t remember the previous setting? Or...
  11. PappaBolt

    R1S Brake Lights Changed Color

    Anyone else notice this with release 2023.22.00? What was red is now yellow. Maybe this is why my AC compressor is screaming at me now. Looks like I got a paint upgrade too. Limestone turned into silver.
  12. PappaBolt

    R1S Dim Reverse Lights (Fixed?)

    Looks like Rivian came up with a fix for dim reverse lights that were holding up Q1 deliveries. Some sort of focusing lens over the top of the lights. Looks like a weird hack but holding judgement until I see one on person. Cross posting from reddit
  13. PappaBolt

    Tune-In Favorites Tab Is Flakey

    I favorite a few channels so I easily swap between them while listening to what’s playing. A common practice when listening to FM or XM. It seems the “favorites” tab when displayed, is frequently refreshing (screen flashing) and occasionally it just goes blank and unresponsive. I have to move to...
  14. PappaBolt

    One Pedal Foot Exhaustion

    Does anyone else miss the occasional need to take your foot off the accelerator without going into a braking nose dive? I get the need to regenerate but having to constantly feather the pedal to adjust for traffic (without driver+) leaves me occasionally missing that feeling of coasting. Would...
  15. PappaBolt

    Roof Glass Dimensions: R1S vs R1T

    Are they the same size or different (excluding the separate rear glass in the R1S)? I’m interested in the fold out R1T shade if it will also fit my R1S.
  16. PappaBolt

    Nav Trip Planner Shows Offline

    The navigation trip planner shows “offline” when searching for and selecting a destination. It won’t plan charging on the route. LTE and Wifi are online. Other streaming serviced work (e.g. Tune In) Vehicle reset didn’t help Infotainment reset didn’t help On release .47. can’t get a service...
  17. PappaBolt

    Hitch Pin Recommendation?

    With winter weather and seeing a few R1T/R1S being stuck, I’m building a recovery kit. For the rear hitch I have a D ring receiver. Any recommendations for what length pin is required to mount? Bonus if it’s lockable.
  18. PappaBolt

    Article: "Rivian Continues To Fall Apart"

    My goodness the fangs are out with the press. Interesting quotes: “…another sign Rivian will never be a competitor in the EV sector.” “Rivian’s chief executive, among the worst in the car industry, said supply chain problems kept 700 from being completed.”...
  19. PappaBolt

    Anyone Purchase a Compact Spare After Delivery (R1S) ?

    I was matched to a [R1S] VIN that didn't include a compact spare. My original configuration did but I decided to take delivery of the matching VIN I was offered. Now I'm without a spare and can't seem to purchase one from Rivian. I've tried with the service center, guide, call, chat. All end up...
  20. PappaBolt

    Creaking Sound From Front External Vents

    This has been discussed before but I can't seem to find it via search. My front external vents are creaking when opening. It sounds like Dracula's coffin is opening. The fix is to lubricate. Is this self-service or have others had to make an appointment with the SC?