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  1. Dark-Fx

    Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    Rivian has dropped prices on the remaining 2023s by a lot, and are starting to drop prices on the 2024s as well. Now's your chance to save some dough if you've been on the fence. Thanks to this thread, I think it's time to make a new thread about what that mysterious deal could be. My vote is...
  2. Dark-Fx

    Trailer left connected maintains Rivian's 12V battery?

    Left my Rivian connected to the camper while it was sitting at home for two days unused and unplugged from the EVSE. I don't usually do this because I need to reposition the truck to plug it into the EVSE. Typically I lose 1% of the Rivian HV battery every day unplugged (Gear guard is always on...
  3. Dark-Fx

    2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    Couple of my takeaways from this document that I didn't anticipate learning. Test results: https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/attachments/foi_srivt00-01l2_appipt1_041024-pdf.96359/ -R1 still uses CCS ports. -21" Wheels seem like they may have been eliminated starting in 2025, most efficient...
  4. Dark-Fx

    EPA Test Data confirms Standard Battery and Standard+ are software locked versions of either Large or Max pack batteries

    Also seems to confirm that the Max Pack batteries are using the 53G battery cells. Infographics from here I haven't gone through any of the remaining data in the testing document.
  5. Dark-Fx

    Apparently using a NACS to J1772 adapter /could/ damage your vehicle.

    Saw this on Facebook, supposedly it was a false alert for them but the fact that this error even exists pretty much confirms to me that Rivian will have to change a lot more hardware than just the charge port for the NACS conversion.
  6. Dark-Fx

    Will Rivian ever give us accurate range estimates in poor efficiency situations?

    Wanted to bring this topic up again, hoping that Rivian will actually consider doing this. For the towing screen, it's obviously using some constant minimum variable behind the scenes, as there is no way to arrive at 165 miles with 0.9 mi/kWh efficiency when pulling our travel trailer on my R1T...
  7. Dark-Fx

    Rivian offering preorder price difference vouchers for remaining price protected pre-order holders

    Saw this was posted. Hadn't heard anything about this before and haven't seen anyone mention it either. Have to take delivery on or before September 30th. https://rivian.com/support/article/what-is-a-preorder-price-voucher Anyone have Rivian reach out about this? I cancelled my 3rd protected...
  8. Dark-Fx

    Rivian is scheduling open service tickets for Powered Tonneau Cover issues by end of March

    According to this recently update support article. I'd suggest anyone who still has a broken one to make sure this includes you. Rivian likely won't reach out otherwise. https://rivian.com/support/article/how-do-i-purchase-an-r1t-with-a-powered-tonneau-cover
  9. Dark-Fx

    What will Tesla's response to the R3X look like?

    We all know the Cybertruck only came to market because Rivian turned out to be a formidable opponent in the EV space. We have yet to see the rumoured model 2, which is supposed to be more of a cheap city car, which I am not convinced is the R3's market. Will Tesla actually come up with a design...
  10. Dark-Fx

    R2 "Self Driving" autonomous capabilities

    From here: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1874178/000187417824000016/ex-991r2reveal.htm Anyone else feel this way?
  11. Dark-Fx

    Testing 120V AC inverter limits

    Our travel trailer has an aircon unit with a supplemental 1500W resistive heater I put in it. Over the winter I have been occasionally running it off the AC inverter in my R1T instead of wasting propane when I am doing work on it. I knew it was over the limit of what the Rivian inverter is...
  12. Dark-Fx

    R2 colors at reveal event?

    Wondering what colors we might see. What colors would folks want that you can't get on an R1? I'm expecting some kind of an orange because of the graphics Rivian used for their teaser, not really sure on the others yet though. I know RJ has teased a few colors for R1 that I'm thinking we might...
  13. Dark-Fx

    All 4 Rivian battery packs usable kWh capacity posted (Standard vs Standard+ vs Large vs Max)

    New support article. Maybe this will help people decide which pack to get if they really need to know. https://rivian.com/support/article/what-is-the-usable-kwh-capacity-of-your-battery-packs
  14. Dark-Fx

    Ford shares B-roll video of using their NACS adapter

    Ford just released a PR article on their media site discussing adapter eligibility, near the bottom are photos of the adapter and a video demonstrating it being used on a normal supercharger...
  15. Dark-Fx

    Having Cold-soaked battery warming issues? Turn off regenerative braking assist

    This morning on my way into work, after driving for about 15 minutes I went to check out what my battery temps were. Vehicle was sat outside unplugged since Saturday afternoon. I used the scheduled precondition this morning, cabin was toasty warm at 7:30 but I hadn't thought to check what the...
  16. Dark-Fx

    My 12v battery issue/servicing nightmare

    Last Sunday during my mandatory driveway shuffling, I pulled up my Rivian app to check in on my R1T that had been sitting unplugged in the sub zero weather all weekend. The app told my that my 12V batteries needed to be serviced. Had never seen the message before and I've learned my lesson...
  17. Dark-Fx

    Flexing the R1S in front of a green wrapped Cybertruck

    Sorry, couldn't help myself 🤣
  18. Dark-Fx

    Where is Rivian's answer to this Cybertruck model?

    Would love to see Rivian make something like this with an R1T or R1S body. https://shop.tesla.com/product/cybertruck-for-kids I do have to wonder if this Cybertruck still sports all the dangerous looking sharp stainless steel corners.
  19. Dark-Fx

    Cybertruck delivery event 11/30

    Anyone going? Any last bets on EPA ratings? Tesla took all the misinformation off the cybertruck page.
  20. Dark-Fx

    Rivian Max Pack EPA Data (document shows 141-142 kWh usable battery)

    Document finally available. Looks like the test results yield 141-142 kWh usable battery.