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  1. Riviot

    Washington State EV Flex...no Rivian

    It says, "you'll earn $0.50 for every kilowatt-hour of electricity saved during Flex events." How does it know how much energy I would've used?
  2. Riviot

    Washington State EV Flex...no Rivian

    I got in on the PSE TOU pilot, It's saving us like $20/month. But we missed the Super Offpeak enrollment, that had like $.04/kWh 12am-7am! We've got a ChargePoint so I'm going to give this Flex EV a go, data privacy be damned.
  3. Riviot

    Blacking Out Crossbars

    I've never considered this before, but now I'm pondering it. The inner telescoping part would be the biggest challenge, any sort of paint would likely get marred or rub off in spots. There's a lot of plastic to disassemble to properly paint, and I don't know how to fully separate to get...
  4. Riviot

    Help with EV Sportline Sled Install

    Yikes, is it just your passenger door still being stubborn? I check the level on both of mine, they tilt slightly up, bubble still between the lines but leaning out. Nothing like yours, bubble all the way out. I put one washer between each slide screw. I left the shimmy washers (2 under each...
  5. Riviot

    Help with EV Sportline Sled Install

    @harkco SOLUTION FOUND! @EV Sportline engineers tested putting washers between the slides, bottom bolts only. (Does this make sense? There are 4 connecting the slides, put it between the slide plates and only the bottom 2). THERE'S SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!
  6. Riviot

    Deer hit the front end... repair cost?

    No, after. My butcher doesn't tell me it was a 150lb goat, just the 80lbs I pay for matter. It's an eating roadkill joke. Clearly it didn't land and everyone is taking my comments seriously. I'll add my /s next time
  7. Riviot

    Deer hit the front end... repair cost?

    The halibut off Port Angeles can get HUGE!
  8. Riviot

    Starting to get interested and reading a bunch

    Not sure about the new sound system, but Meridian is great. And it can safety fit 4 cellos. Ask me how I know...
  9. Riviot

    Deer hit the front end... repair cost?

    Sorry, I thought he meant hanging weight after he bought a tag and took it home.
  10. Riviot

    Deer hit the front end... repair cost?

    100lb? And I thought fishermen exaggerated...
  11. Riviot

    45mph speed limit in high mode

    My initial thought when I saw OP last night: 6 pages by 7am? Come on, y'all! Don't feed it.
  12. Riviot

    KO3 tires installed on 20" steel wheels rims

    Don't worry OP, Team Ram 2363 has been there with the load capacity concerns. Gotta shed those extra pounds!
  13. Riviot

    Peters Mill Run OHV Trail Shenandoah/George Washington National Forest with R1S

    I just noticed the Rammers on there. GET IT! We did some bumpy stuff last weekend and I had my Rams running Falken Wildpeak AT3W, they kept up with the best of them no problem!
  14. Riviot

    Help with EV Sportline Sled Install

    Interesting, both sides scraped and passenger side was definitely the greater offender, but not that bad. With the washers, driver side is good now, but it somehow made passenger side worse. Again, I've got tinkering instructions and will follow-up later.
  15. Riviot

    Help with EV Sportline Sled Install

    Hahaha ditto! Mine gave me the glare when she pulled in after Puppy Practice last night, and again when I went in for a drink then back out to finish.
  16. Riviot

    Help with EV Sportline Sled Install

    Standby for solutions, I'm working with @EV Sportline engineering team for tweaks and solutions. I'll tinker more after work this afternoon. I'll say their team has been great so far! I was just really bitter last night, moreso with the door, not the product.
  17. Riviot

    Help with EV Sportline Sled Install

    Working with them simultaneously, just posting my results so others can follow along in case they have the same issue. It's likely an early build problem, not a common one
  18. Riviot

    Three-Way 275/60R20 Efficiency Comparison: Ram/AS, Ram/AT, OEM/AS

    I have to rescind my update, I just realized I didn't have the RTT on, so of course it's going to be more efficient... I'll put the RTT back on after washing the truck tomorrow and give it yet another go... Ugh.