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  1. madgrey

    A less painful DIY wheel swap / tire rotate

    Have you hugged your AT wheels today? I decided during my last rotation I was done with lifting the wheels, especially the part where you sit while simultaneously lifting the wheel and trying to get the lug studs aligned. Not great for my back and knees. I was using the integrated bottle...
  2. madgrey

    Lloyd Carpet Mats for the R1T

    Despite Lloyd and various other resellers of the mats designating the Rivian truck as an "RT1" I decided to give these a try. I prefer a berber style carpet mat over the look and feel of a plastic-ee all weather liner but... I still need the all weather for winter. These are really well made...
  3. madgrey

    FSAM-1105 related to C-Pillar trim panels

    I was just reviewing my work order for an upcoming service appointment and noticed a new item: Concern:- Perform FSAM-1105 Correction/Remedy:- Remove upper forward clip tower on LH and RH upper C-Pillar trim panels Does anyone know what this is related to? It doesn't appear to be related to...
  4. madgrey

    Front suspension drops overnight

    Over a 12 hour period, the front drops around 2 - 2.5 inches. This is in all-purpose/middle suspension mode. The drop is typically more on the drivers side. I mentioned this to the mobile tech and he seemed a bit surprised and asked if it's "leaning on one side" but this is NOT the well...