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  1. jjswan33

    RinseKit and my R1T

    I just ordered this RinseKit for my camping gear: https://rinsekit.com/collections/limited-time-deals/products/rinsekit-pro-immersion-heater-bundle To my surprise it fits in the gear tunnel or the front trunk. With 12V power near the gear tunnel or also in the frunk (for those so equipped)...
  2. jjswan33

    Scraping from passenger rear wheel area - Probably brakes.

    Just this new sound today, sounds like something scraping around the rear/passenger wheel. My guess is something with the brakes or the wheel bearing but sounds pretty bad.
  3. jjswan33

    First towing experience with my R1T. Uhaul 5X8 and camper shell installed.

    So plenty of towing reports out there, today I had the opportunity to pick up a sectional and didn't want to take three trips so I rented a 5X8 U-Haul trailer. The novel part of my case is that the 5X8 trailer almost perfectly fits within the slip stream of my truck with the camper on it. The...
  4. jjswan33

    Rivian Leasing Expands to New States (March 2024)

    3/22/2024 Update: Just saw updated list of states on an Instagram ad (Red are new today): Alabama Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Massachusetts Michigan Missouri Mississippi Montana North Carolina North Dakota Nebraska New Jersey New York Nevada Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania...
  5. jjswan33

    Hitch Step / rear skid plate installed

    I installed this hitch step today. I had to do a slight modification to get it to use the second pin hole and get it as close as possible to the truck. It provides me with two primary functions and one secondary potential functions 1. A step so I can get into the bed without opening the...
  6. jjswan33

    Can we talk about R2 / R3 Charging speed...

    Fast Charging: DC fast charging is compatible with both NACS (native) and CCS (with adapter), charging from 10% to 80% in less than 30 minutes. Lets say compared to Hyundai EGMP which aspires to 10-80% in 18minutes...
  7. jjswan33

    Oregon Sold: ChargePoint Home Flex - $300

    Hey All. Selling a used ChargePoint Home Flex. It is setup for Nema 14-50 plug in but could be hardwired to a 60A circuit to max out the Rivian‘s L2 charging capability. My new Hyundai came with a free ChargePoint Home Flex and money off installation so I got one hard wired and don’t need...
  8. jjswan33

    My cold weather charging experience.. not great.

    So I am spending the weekend in Snoqualmie Pass WA and it is very cold for this part of the country today, it was around -7F this morning when I woke up and my truck was cold soaking in the wind all night. The battery was understandably cold, the gauge read 15F but I think that just may be the...
  9. jjswan33

    🐻🐻 Fuzzy encounter with my Drive Cam this morning! 🐻🐻

    Clipped video below and I have a version I posted in Instagram below. I caught this bear on my drive cam this morning driving on the Mammoth Lakes Scenic Loop. He seemed curious about the Rivian I assumed he was about to ask “How far does it go”, ”How long to charge it”
  10. jjswan33

    App not showing correct charging info, anyone else?

    Hey all. I am currently on a road trip through California and I have not been able to keep up with my charging status on the app. It seems to be stuck thinking I am still charging at home from 2 days ago. So curious if it is just me or some more general bug in the latest version of the IOS app.
  11. jjswan33

    Oregon Sold: FS Weathertech Front Trunk Cargo Mat $50

    R1 specific Weathertech front trunk cargo mat. $50 local pickup preferred
  12. jjswan33

    Oregon FS: R1T Underbody Panels, Tacoma Style Bed Rails, 3rd Brake Light Electronics.

    Hey All. Selling some misc Rivian parts and aftermarket accessories that I am no longer using. Item 1: Set of underbody panels from both sides. These line the area between the wheel wells front the back and from the door to the Rivian underbody shield left to right. I didn’t make much effort...
  13. jjswan33

    48k Miles on my R1T and my R1S order just came up… Why I bought an Ioniq 5.

    TLDR: Truck great, very versatile, not the most reliable, will be expensive to maintain out of warranty. Not great as an only car Hey All. So I’ll start by saying I love my R1T, I have done so much with it. Ive been from OR to WI twice, as far as Golden BC to the north and SoCal to the...
  14. jjswan33

    Rivian R1T Leasing Now Available

    https://rivian.com/configurations/r1t Edit: Corrected. credit @mkennedy1996 Edit 2: Seems its not limited to QM after all, if you search it will give you lease terms on a DM too. I guess starting around $750/mo. You can also adjust mileage etc.
  15. jjswan33

    Suspension is broke… AGAIN

    So call me frustrated but my suspension is not working again. So far had all 4 dampers replaced (3 of them twice), also a valve block and the compressor. Most recent earlier this month they replaced all 4 of them and it had been working fine. Last night I did some sub-zero camping with camp...
  16. jjswan33

    Rivian offering a free wall charger and $2k install credit on select R1T purchases.

    Saw this banner today on the website, first time I have seen them do a promotion like this.
  17. jjswan33

    Another Shoutout to the Portland SC

    As a somewhat frequent critic of Rivian service and to play it fair I wanted to give a shout out to the great job that the Portland SC team (Jesus, Alex and I'm sure others) did a great job. Service Done: - Tail light issues - Condensation in the rear lightbar - Halfshaft washers - Replacing...
  18. jjswan33

    Prospeed Racks for the R1T

    I hadn't see these posted on here, I saw them on Instagram. I really like the low profile nature of their roof rack, for the price I'd almost consider upgrading. https://prospeedrack.com/collections/2022-present-rivian-r1t
  19. jjswan33

    Vandalism at Portland SC

    Word is that some vehicles got vandalized at the Portland SC last night. Apparently they threw a rock through my back window. Rivian said they will get it all fixed up and don't expect it to delay things. They also said they are going to move to keeping all vehicles inside going forward, that...
  20. jjswan33

    Another new Electric Camper Van - Grounded G2

    https://www.theverge.com/2023/10/18/23922147/grounded-g2-gm-brightdrop-electric-rv-price-specs https://www.groundedrvs.com/g2 It has some interesting specs, almost there. 165kWh battery (looks like Brightdrop/GM based), 250mi range, AWD. The $200k starting price is rough but not too far out...