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  1. godfodder0901

    Drivecam... How Does It Even Work?

    Sorry it didn't auto trigger, but you can manually trigger by pressing the Drive Cam icon on the center screen. Edit: Really this is all just Incident Cam, but Drive Cam (if you had it set up) still should have captured the entire event to your thumb drive for offline playback.
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    45mph speed limit in high mode

    Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.
  3. godfodder0901

    Interior driver camera on a 2024?

    Definitely ambient light sensors. They are on all three displays. Nope, ambient light sensors. Mics are up near where the camera was on the head liner.
  4. godfodder0901

    Kneel Mode stresses suspension?

    Only if you have that setting on and the vehicle is unlocked.
  5. godfodder0901

    Interior driver camera on a 2024?

    They specifically mentioned that underwhelming performance was the reason, not privacy.
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    R1 Refresh Question

  7. godfodder0901

    Question about ChargePoint Homeflex Amps

    Could be loose connections causing higher resistance.
  8. godfodder0901

    Question about ChargePoint Homeflex Amps

    It is about the truck. The charger is in the truck (the plug is the EVSE) and is only 11.5 kW. Even if you threw 100 amps of AC, you would be limited to 48 amps.
  9. godfodder0901

    Wipers start automatically.

    As stated above, this is for calibration proposes. They know why it happens. They make it do this on purpose, so there is no 'fix' for it.
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    Adding live traffic info to navigation?

  11. godfodder0901

    How bad can this be?

    I thought the same thing, but those are only in California. OP is in Texas.
  12. godfodder0901

    Rivians Software is Android

    Quality. Bluetooth is a very low bandwidth transmission, which severely impacts audio quality. If your Spotify is higher quality using Bluetooth, then you need to change your quality setting in the truck because this should NOT be the case...
  13. godfodder0901

    Rivians Software is Android

    With Bluetooth, the audio is streamed directly from the phone using Bluetooth. With casting, the phone simply tells the receiver what data to stream, and from where. The streaming is direct to the receiver using it's data connection, with transport controls available to the phone.
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    Garage Opener Button on Steering Wheel/Driver Display - Poof!

    Cycle it off and on again, then try re-adding your home location.
  15. godfodder0901

    Phone battery drain

    I'm on an S24 Ultra as well. Just checked and battery use by the Rivian app is 0.3% so it is not affecting them all...
  16. godfodder0901

    Best R1S Anti-Glare Screen Protector recommendations?

    I have the Spigen and have been very happy with it. A little pricy, but a great product. https://www.spigen.com/products/rivian-series-screen-protector-ez-fit-glas-tr-anti-glare