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  1. JeremyMKE

    NACS Adapters now shipping…s00nish!

    I think I need some counseling. I can’t stop checking my email. I prefer to say I really love my R1T and am passionate about it but we all know the truth.
  2. JeremyMKE

    Tesla saves Rivian - Mammoth Mountain Edition

    This string is doing a good job staying just north of Toxic. My take is that this is a Rivian forum and TYPICALLY not particularly fond of Tesla hence a pretty negative response to the OP. I dont want a Tesla but respect it for what it did to make EVs a reality for the world, including...
  3. JeremyMKE

    Really need Rivian Service to come through for me… “Service Suspension” error code

    I personally haven't seen them loaning Rivians for service. ever. I am sure it probably has happened but being Debbie Downer I wouldnt count on it.
  4. JeremyMKE

    Wisconsin Service Center Coming Soon

    GREAT NEWS. It was on the coming soon but this is more progress. I am driving to Chicago Service Center this week and to have Milwaukee as an option would be huge. There are 5-6 Rivians in my neighborhood alone
  5. JeremyMKE

    So Many Rivians! 0===0 - Rivian Club Event Gallery 1/24

    I love it, just asked the Wife if we can move home to the Bay.
  6. JeremyMKE

    Halloween Sounds are Off-Brand

    for the record I love it. Its playful and fun. My kids and everyone I have shown it too think it is charming and fun.
  7. JeremyMKE

    R1T Break Down Report & Rivian Customer Service Review -- Milwaukee to Detroit Trip

    On October Second I departed Milwaukee, WI with a full charge headed to Novi MI outside Detroit. TLDR - the drive disconnect on the left rear wheel failed causing catastrophic chain of events. Rivian Emergency and Vehicle service are World Class and I am scheduled to have the truck back in less...
  8. JeremyMKE

    Installed Second Horn (Hella) on my Rivian

    Flashbacks to all the custom horns from the 80s installed in Conversion vans... So many possibilities!!!!!!
  9. JeremyMKE

    Let’s talk tunes -- How do you listen to music in your Rivian?

    I have apple music and the Bluetooth works fine. I cant say I love it, its a little glitchy I often have to switch to FM or another source and back to bluetooth to get sound to come out. It takes longer than it should to sync and start playing, and sometimes the album art is wrong (I dont care...
  10. JeremyMKE

    Stop being a slave to the pump. What I realized driving a V8 loaner.

    Well said, having a rental ICE confirmed that I never want to go back. I am however acutely aware that I am a homeowner with a charger in my garage. If I was an apartment dweller and had to rely on public infrastructure my opinion might be different...
  11. JeremyMKE

    Are R1T / R1S really 'Adventure Vehicles'? Discuss...

    Is it an adventure vehicle? Yes - Full Stop HOWEVER I agree on my biggest complaint list that DO limit "Adventure" are the following. Turn Radius and Fragile skin
  12. JeremyMKE

    3.5 mi/KwH - Never thought I would ever see this

    Here is the return trip on the highway and it is the full trip report for all you moaning about small sample size ;) 25 degree warmer day. Same cruise control setting at 70 MPH
  13. JeremyMKE

    3.5 mi/KwH - Never thought I would ever see this

    I am not sure your question makes sense, all things cant stay the same going from 60-80 unless you are assuming an adiabatic state. What I think you are asking assuming temp, rolling resistance, elevation are constant the major difference is the aerodynamic drag increases significantly from...
  14. JeremyMKE

    3.5 mi/KwH - Never thought I would ever see this

    It Its all basically entropy, the sweet spot is completely variable. That being said I agree that 60 MPH while not as fast as I like to go is a nice rule of thumb on speed and efficiency. That 55 MPH mandate was pretty reasonable when it comes to efficiency who knew that physics doesnt really...
  15. JeremyMKE

    3.5 mi/KwH - Never thought I would ever see this

    VERY small but I had never crested 3 for 15 minutes ever in over a year and a half. Its just a data point not the journey
  16. JeremyMKE

    3.5 mi/KwH - Never thought I would ever see this

    Technically that was my efficiency for 15 minutes. Not the full 90.