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  1. seanocono

    How did we do? R1T fully loaded from LA to Seattle.

    Oh, man. Been there. I had to learn those lessons the hard way, too. Unfortunately for me, I still paid the premium price for mediocre work. But now I know better for next time.
  2. seanocono

    How did we do? R1T fully loaded from LA to Seattle.

    Love your truck, man. Awesome gear and that stealth wrap on the LG is sweet!
  3. seanocono

    New iKamper Skycamp DLX RTT Video features R1S

    There are several examples on this forum, and on Reddit. You mount the full-size SkyCamp over the bed and need to clear the shark fin over the cab, so a tall bed rack, or cab-height bed rack with tent risers, is required.
  4. seanocono

    Rivian offering free XPEL Stealth PPF wrap during factory shutdown!! $5K value

    There’s a big difference between our comments. I’m saying, “let’s wait and see because we don’t know what this stealth promotion will look like.” You are speculating that this latest stealth promotion is an inferior product. We don’t know anything for sure, which is why I made the comment.
  5. seanocono

    Rivian offering free XPEL Stealth PPF wrap during factory shutdown!! $5K value

    Please don't state this as a fact. We don't know if this is true because nobody has received a vehicle from this promotion yet. Rivian has also never offered full body PPF, or stealth PPF. You are simply jumping to conclusions without a mat.
  6. seanocono

    Go Fast Camper for R1T Announced

    Yeah, you are having a difficult time understanding other people’s perspective. Some people don’t want to tow trailers. Very few charging stations are built for them, and there are compromises on the trails. Some don’t want to sleep on the ground, and appreciate the standup space and quick-pitch...
  7. seanocono

    Go Fast Camper for R1T Announced

    The camper is one unit. The sleeping platform is integrated and non-removable. The topper is a separate unit that does not feature a sleeping platform. You cannot retrofit a topper to add a sleeping platform later. However, you can add a rooftop tent on top of the topper with some beef bars...
  8. seanocono

    Time to start R1 refresh rumors, perhaps!

    I believe Rivian will update the R1 beyond simple, cost-saving measures. Rivian is clearly trying to move the stock of their current design, which points to a discernible refresh beyond internal cost efficiencies. I also believe that an appreciable refresh will help raise sales of the R1, with...
  9. seanocono

    Stowable 40" Light Bar Setup

    Really nice work, OP.
  10. seanocono

    Stowable 40" Light Bar Setup

    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. You also have scene lights on the back crossbar? Did you manage to run all that wiring along the roof gaps and down the A-pillar?
  11. seanocono

    20-inch [AW09] Forged Wheels by Atomic Wheels

    The AW09s look great, and I especially like this titan color. Thanks for sharing.
  12. seanocono

    Quad Motor Departure

    Most. I still see a lot more Quads than Duals, but that will change with time.
  13. seanocono

    Quad Motor Departure

    The day of seeing a number of Rivians is already here in some areas. I saw at least 25 yesterday driving around LA. And I think I’m being very conservative with that number.
  14. seanocono

    Latest email update on Manual Tonneau Cover delivery

    Check out Interrobang. High quality product that is much more durable than the Rivian tonneau covers. It utilizes the existing tracks.
  15. seanocono

    Lease/buy before the production stop?

    Nobody knows for sure right now, but I would wait to see if anything is announced at the R2 premiere this Thursday. Obviously, nothing will be announced regarding quality. However, there may be a new feature announcement that matters to you.
  16. seanocono

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 20" AT Tires Installed -- Like Nebraska, honestly, it's not for everyone...

    New tires look great, OP. Thanks for sharing. Please update us after you’ve driven with them for a while.