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  1. opnwide

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 20" AT Tires Installed -- Like Nebraska, honestly, it's not for everyone...

    ...but I live in Colorado, and I play in the Rockies in the summer. I just had my one-year anniversary with my R1S with over 16,000 miles. I had the OEM 20" Pirelli's and purposely did not rotate them, as I didn't really care for them and wanted to kill them faster. I never use conserve, and...
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    What to get @COdogman for Christmas?

    Please cast your vote for what to get @COdogman this year for Christmas.
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    Bimberly Cava and iPyle Donner join the Rocky Mountain Rivian Club for an off-road adventure.

    Just an amazing day here in the Rockies as Bimberly Cava and iPyle Donner joined the Rocky Mountain Rivian Club and two Rivian employees on a trip from California to the factory in Normal, for an off-road drive up Geneva Creek Trail. For those of you who haven’t met Bimberly Cava and iPyle...
  4. opnwide

    PSA: Off-roading with tree branches? Stuff your crack with rubber.

    Saw this disturbing post on Reddit, so I thought I’d repush the PSA. This guy went off-roading with other non-rivian rigs and apparently branches easily caught on the front side panel/head light joint on both sides and lodged in enough to peel her like an onion. Since I’m heading out tomorrow...
  5. opnwide

    Comparison images: Rivian Drive Cam vs. Aftermarket Dash Cam (+ video samples added)

    Comparison still photos captured from my aftermarket Viofo A139 Pro 4K front and rear camera compared to Rivian DriveCam images. Still shots of same drive, and also zoomed in on license plates for detail… Admin Update: Added Rivian Drive Cam videos posted by @Electric Rivilution
  6. opnwide

    opnwide's Frozen Silver Bullet R1S is here--Party in the Frunk! (w/ video of full size spare tire in cargo)

    My 7/19 R1S preorder of a LA Silver, FE has finally arrived. I have employed the help of two struggling YouTubers to help show you around the vehicle. May I introduce Bimberly Cava, from her channel, "I'm not Narcissistic, just look at me!", and iPyle Donner, from his channel, "Introspective...
  7. opnwide

    The best way for your ICE neighbor to discover you purchased a Rivian

    I’ve kept my 3.5 year old Rivian reservation a secret from my ICE neighbor/car-guy friend, so I thought this would be the best way for him to discover my purchase…🤣
  8. opnwide

    Brush Bars Grille on R1T spotted at Denver SC

    Ran across these custom Brush Bars on a R1T at the Denver SC for your occasional African Safari or twitchy Deer. Michigan MFG plates. Charge door split to allow opening it appears. Front hitch.
  9. opnwide

    20”AT fits inside R1S spare recess upright-thanks @pixelshot!

    Thanks to @Pixelshot for trying out my recommendation for one full size AT spare hauling possibility! Now just need to store the off-road Jack.
  10. opnwide

    R1S Forest Edge delivered with wood headrest surround removed.

    Courtesy of Dan on RS, R1S interior FE delivery (Fantastic!), but when did they remove the wood surround from the front backrest hook?). Is this new?
  11. opnwide

    Small Luxury Cabin in CO with L2 Grizzle charger (20 minutes west of Colorado Springs)…

    I wanted to share an Instagram-worthy VRBO Cabin my wife and I stayed at this past weekend, strategically located 20 minutes west of Colorado Springs, between the Garden of the Gods and Eleven Mile Canyon where I did some wonderful autumn fly fishing. Jonathan and his wife did an amazing...
  12. opnwide

    Normal amount of R1S suspension Pogo-ing?

    Think this a normal amount of R1S suspension pogo on this tester Mule?
  13. opnwide

    Billet Aluminum Jack Lifting Puck for R1T/S

    Just watched this for a custom aluminum lifting puck. Looks nicely designed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Rivian supplied Jack adapter looks like it only fits over the supplied more square-looking scissor lift rather than a 3-ton floor Jack which is round, no?
  14. opnwide

    R1T Satin Blacked-Out AT 20's with Piano Blacked Front Skid Plate for Sale...

    Saw this link recently. Not necessarily posting this for the sale, but I do like the Satin Black AT 20's here. Front Piano Blacked Skid plate...meh. (Note, Center Caps plastic still grey. Yellow Rivian logo on Wheels now satin black.) https://www.formanmotorworks.com/rivian-r1t
  15. opnwide

    Custom vinyl'd R1T Launch Edition I just spied…

    Someone did some custom work on this T I just spied at Denver International Airport…It may be a Launch Edition, but I’m not sure?