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  1. COdogman

    My Luck Finally Ran Out, But The Denver Service Center Is THE Best!

    I picked up my 2023 R1T on 6/21/23 and since then I’ve had literally ZERO issues with it…UNTIL early April when I got a “service battery“ error message when I plugged into an EA DCFC near my place. I did a vehicle reset and the error went away and it performed normally until a few days later...
  2. COdogman

    JD Power U.S. EV Experience Ownership Study (link to survey included)

    Didn't see this posted yet so I thought I would share. Given all the weird anti- EV surveys and polls out there lately I have made an effort to make sure I participate to give my opinion when invited. Took me about 15 minutes to complete it. The questions were objective in my opinion.
  3. COdogman

    One Year Ago

    As a point of perspective, 1 year ago today Rivian owners were still begging for a snow mode as they tested their vehicles during the first winter since customer deliveries started. That was added via a software update. I realize we just had an update go awry, but think about that for a second -...
  4. COdogman

    New Tire Option S00n: Toyo Open Country A/T III EV

    Since these are EV truck/ SUV specific I wonder if they will make a 21 inch size for those folks still waiting for replacement options. I had the A/T III on my Tacoma and really liked them. Hopefully this is equally good.
  5. COdogman

    Welcome to Philly-Dome: Mom Chases Off Armed Biker!

    Don’t mess with Philly Moms!
  6. COdogman

    Most Philadelphia Man Ever Describes Highway Collapse

    Anyone from NE Philly will appreciate this guy’s completely chill description of a major highway collapsing. I want to ask him for directions somewhere. https://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/philly-interview?origin=tuh
  7. COdogman

    Tesla Struggling With The “Truck” Part of The Cybertruck, says Leaked Report

    For a truck that supposedly can serve as a boat in “seas that aren’t too choppy”, the remarks on water leakage are especially troubling 😌 https://www.wired.com/story/a-leaked-tesla-report-shows-the-cybertruck-had-basic-design-flaws/
  8. COdogman

    Heavy Machinery Comedy: Cybertruck Windshield Wiper In Action

    Somehow seeing it in action made it 10x as funny to me. The clip is from a longer drone video of Texas Gigafactory. The comedy starts around the 13:43 mark but using the InsideEVs link should allow you to start right before...
  9. COdogman

    Just Saw 3 R1Ts During a 10 Minute Drive!

    Keep churning them out, Rivian! In a 10 minute drive to my local Sprouts Market I saw a Forest Green, a Limestone, and an El Cap!
  10. COdogman

    💩Tesla Has Recalled 3,400,000 cars since 2018💩

    2018: 123,000 Model S for corroding bolts Jun 2021: 285,000 cars for accidental cruise control engagement Dec 2021: 675,000 cars for trunk And hood latches randomly opening Feb 2022: 53,000 for self driving software causing cars to roll through stop signs Feb 2022: 817,000 for seatbelt chimes...
  11. COdogman

    💩Tesla Clandestinely Downgrades Performance Brakes, Uses Plastic Covers to Hide it.💩

    This is some pretty shady stuff👎🏼 https://electrek.co/2023/01/16/tesla-sneakily-downgrades-performance-brakes-puts-cover-hide-it/
  12. COdogman

    🚨Good News Cybertruck Fans! Tesla Claims It Can Pull “Near Infinite Mass”!!!🚨

    No word whether this towing capacity is enough to carry Elon Musk’s ego… https://futurism.com/the-byte/tesla-mocked-cybertruck-pull-near-infinite-mass
  13. COdogman

    Flipped R1T and Stuck R1S Meet Flipped Car Wash Camry

  14. COdogman

    F-150 Lightning Gets 3rd Price Increase in 4 Months

    Ford is citing continued supply chain issues for the increases. Also important to note that Ford dealers will be able to keep gouging customers with additional mark up until 2024...
  15. COdogman

    Cancer Thread: Stories and Support

    I’m a pretty private person - I am way happier asking other people about their lives than I am talking about myself. Over the years I have met so many people whose lives and families have been changed by cancer. I always did my best to offer help and words of encouragement but you really never...
  16. COdogman

    ⚡️Watch Ken Block Smoke Las Vegas in His Custom Audi S1 “Hoonitron” EV⚡️

    I always enjoy the Gymkhana videos. This is the first ever run in an EV. The scenery is not as interesting as other videos, but it’s not Ken Block’s fault Las Vegas is a commercialized concrete jungle. At one point he’s doing donuts in front of A Tony Roma’s Steak & Lobster🤣 Still fun to watch...
  17. COdogman

    😵‍💫Hummer EV taillights cost $6100 per set (parts only)😵‍💫

    I know some here have owned some very expensive luxury vehicles that might rival this for repair costs, but this is a GMC😬 https://www.thedrive.com/news/gmc-hummer-ev-taillights-cost-an-eye-watering-6100-to-replace-plus-labor
  18. COdogman

    Behold the Potential Motors “Adventure 1” EV Van. Camp Kitchen Lovers Rejoice!

    A small Canadian company is planning to manufacture a very small number of these cool little EV adventure vans. Designed to be flat towed and only 84” wide to better travel trails full size vehicles can’t go. Not designed to be a daily driver, but still a pretty cool concept...
  19. COdogman

    Ars Technica Review of VW ID Buzz (Euro Spec)

    The US doesn’t get the ID Buzz until 2024 and our version will be slightly longer, with a 3rd row option. The review is very preliminary, but I thought some here might be interested. If you look at the accompanying photos you will see what looks like a “camp kitchen” accessory that isn’t...
  20. COdogman

    Elon Musk Is High On His Own Supply (Humanoid "robots" will be available in 10 years!)

    Supply of what you ask? There are probably multiple answers to that question, but in this case I'd say he's high on his own supply of constant, never-ending bull$hit. In the article below that Musk himself apparently wrote for the official Chinese government "cyberspace" publication (an entirely...