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  1. Ladiver

    Charging at 19.2kW?

    I am about to order the Chevy Silverado RST and they are offering a free charger that is capable of 19.2kW output. Obviously I need to have it wired to a very large breaker for this to be possible, but I was curious if the Rivian could also charge at this rate?
  2. Ladiver

    Interesting (scary) locking issue this afternoon

    I went out to my R1T today and everything appeared to be locked and fine. I set my backpack on the tonneau cover so that I could open the doors. I noticed that my phone did not unlock the doors, but that is nothing too surprising. I normally have to look like a fool standing there for several...
  3. Ladiver

    Is Xpel wrap worth it? After nearly 30,000 miles... probably not!

    I have both the R1S and R1T. Both have full stealth wrap and windows tinted. 12-18 months later, both have had to replace windshields and therefore re-tint. Both have had minor scratches with no paint damage, but can't get scratches out of the wrap. Both have had door dings or other items...
  4. Ladiver

    How about ANOTHER broken windshield???

    Well, 4 in a year an a half is pretty rediculous. Luckily this crack spread along the bottom when I can’t see it. I will not be fixing it, rather wating for another crack. At this rate, it’ll be around January or February. i will probably start researching glass testing companies to get...
  5. Ladiver

    Someone gifted (ducked) me a Rivian (Matchbox)!

    So, this morning I was at a Denny's (in Yorba Linda) and when I came back to my car, there was a Matchbox Rivian sitting on my R1T! That was pretty cool, as I have been looking for one. I was very curious who would have placed it there, so I went to Gear Guard. Gary sees all! I was able to...
  6. Ladiver

    California Just curious...Is there any interest in trading your R1S for my R1T?

    Let me start by saying I LOVE my R1T and am not giving up on Rivian at all. I just like the R1S better for my use. I still need a "real" truck for pulling a large toy hauler. I was just wondering if there was anyone who got the R1S that would rather have had the R1T? I am not going too far...
  7. Ladiver

    Service center hours???

    Does anyone know if workers are at the service centers on the weekends? I have body panel alignment issues that are now causing damage to the vehicle. I have reported it several times, but still struggle to get an appointment.
  8. Ladiver

    IOS app not waking R1S

    I have a new issue that recently popped up. Neither my wife’s phone nor mine can wake our R1S remotely. If we are within Bluetooth range, PaaK works fine. Another issue I noticed is that when checking the location of the vehicle, it never changes. IOS App version 1.12.1 R1S Software Version...
  9. Ladiver

    R1S Insurance in CA!!!!

    I just got my 6 month renewal from State Farm and it went up nearly 20%!! Time to look at other options. They are now asking over $2k per year! It is also now 20% more than my R1T. I suppose I can make an educated guess as to what that renewal will be.
  10. Ladiver

    The baby is getting wrapped!

  11. Ladiver

    What is this, and do I need it?

    I was washing the new R1S today and noticed I was missing something on the passenger side. I assume it’s an air deflector of some type. Is it needed? driver side passenger side
  12. Ladiver

    You have got to be f’ing kidding! (Rant about Rivian windshield issues)

    my R1T has been at the service center waiting on a windshield since Wednesday. On Thursday, I got my new R1S. Well, today the windshield in the R1S cracked!!!!! I think Rivian has a really big issue. In my 30 years of driving and my wife’s 30 years of driving, we have replaced exactly one...
  13. Ladiver

    Problem with RAN!

    I just got my R1S on Thursday. As I was driving from Salt Lake City to Southern California, I had to make several charging stops at EA stations. Everything went well…until I got to Barstow and a Rivian charger. I plugged into the first charger and got a vehicle error, charger unavailable...
  14. Ladiver

    What did I come across???? (Easter egg?)

    As I was coming home from work, I wanted to go into the settings and re-enable kneel mode. To my surprise, there was a new menu icon “RiDE”. When I clicked on it, there was a quote from Thomas Edison. I tapped the screen and it asked for a password. Well, I didn’t guess it and had to keep...
  15. Ladiver

    Can Rivian fix a windshield?

    Is it possible to fix a Rivian windshield that has been chipped, or is the current recommendation to just replace it?
  16. Ladiver

    Anyone plug an RV into the R1T bed outlet?

    I just tried and the outlet doesn’t deliver any power. I plugged in a Dewalt battery charger and that was powered. I’m curious why my RV doesn’t pull anything. I will have to troubleshoot more later.
  17. Ladiver

    Tire Rotation in Orange County, CA???

    I need to get my tires rotated, but no shop I've talked to has the pucks. Has anyone found a shop that has them? Service Center can do it, but not for a couple of weeks. I want to get it done this weekend, as I am driving to Idaho on Tuesday. Thanks, Jeff
  18. Ladiver

    Orange County, CA to Newdale, ID - SUCCESS!

    I just got back from a 2,000-mile trip to Idaho. I was a little apprehensive, but everything worked great. I charged at EA stations exclusively and only had one minor hiccup on a charger that was resolved by switching chargers. EA is making some network upgrades, so all charges were...
  19. Ladiver

    How do you keep the charger handle cool?

    I’m taking a long road trip this week and am trying to determine how to get the best charging speed. I used a 150kW charger and it delivered 148-150kW for about 8 minutes, then dropped to 34kW. The truck said charge was limited by the station. I checked the handle and it was HOT. So, I...
  20. Ladiver

    Alignment after service

    My truck was in for service last week. Today, I noticed the truck pulls to the right pretty strong. I don’t know what service would have done, but I also notice all of my wheels had blue stickers on them after I got it back. Before service, alignment was great. Should I bring it to Rivian’s...