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  1. ksurfier

    Poll - Strategy for packed/busy Tesla SC locations

    Inspired by Duckman's Conflict at the Supercharger as well as the superthread Let's talk Tesla Supercharger parking etiquette... and Strategic ways not to block two Tesla stations The question is what if you get to a busy/packed SC? Let's assume you have no other option(s), or that you might...
  2. ksurfier

    Five (5) 275/60R20 [33"] Tires Compared: Defender, Territory HT, Geolander CV4S, Grabber HTS60, and Nomad Grappler

    This is a quick comparison of the best suited 20" tire replacement options in Size 275/60R20 (33"): {WARNING - Some material below may be subjective/estimated, those who trigger easily should use caution} For treadwear and warranty, Defender wins easily with Grabber HTS60 in 2nd for warranty...
  3. ksurfier

    Tesla V3, V4 Superchargers and RAN Stations Map (kml for Google Earth)

    {Cautionary note - As Redline pointed out below, there are some V3 locations that are not open, will go thru and turns those off, could take a little while so please confirm the station in the Tesla/Rivian app before use} Threw this together very quickly in case anyone can use it, Tesla V3 and...
  4. ksurfier

    Poll - 20" OEM Wheels What is your range with 100 kwh capacity?

    Check/report your range at the following SOCs Large pack - 76% Max pack - 71% Standard/Standard+ - 94%/83% At these SOCs, battery should have ~100 kwh remaining, range should match the computers estimate for your average MPK (estimated miles/100 kwh).
  5. ksurfier

    California FS 20" OEM Pirelli Tires (no rims) - 91362 (avail. May 11th)

    Around 65% tire tread remaining (~15,000-20,000 miles remaining). 4 OEM 20" Pirellis available for $250 each (or $900 for all 4). Available for pickup/delivery. Perfect for anyone that wants a full size spare, can add this rim from tirerack (~$400 w/ TPMS)...
  6. ksurfier

    YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR CV 4S | 275/60R20 - 116H - 660AA - 3PMSF

    Installed the Geolandar CV 4S on 20" OEM rims, updated with performance and MPK...$245 per tire (simpletire.com). At 800 miles of wear, CV 4S are 11.7% more efficient than the 20” OEM Pirelli, primarily due to being 16% lighter weight (41.4#): Tire MPK AP Range Conserve Range 20" OEM 2.15...
  7. ksurfier

    A2Z NACS Adapter unboxing - what was lost is found!

    Update - took it for a test run, worked great! Peak was 217 kwh (460 MPH) till nearly 50% SOC: Overall was 30 kwh added in around 10 min for essentially 6 miles added per minute. Making sure its charging via Tesla and not the Rivian account was the only minor annoyance, just have to confirm...
  8. ksurfier

    Rivian saves Rivian...quick weekend trip

    This was my first trip where supercharging the R1S was actually needed/critical. About 900 miles and 500 kwh's (1.8 MPK), did some trickle charging (level II), Level III charging was $90 ($0.10 per mile). Using the RAN chargers was the best (Manteca/Santa Nella/Buttonwillow), charge time was...
  9. ksurfier

    E.A. saves Rivian…AGAIN!

    QM - 20” OEM wheels - 65/75 MPH Tests saw that it was a balmy 39F this morning…put on my parka and hit the road in conserve mode… Air Density: 1.28 kg/m3 (104%) Weight: F-3100#; R-4000# Round 1: 65 mph (GPS) - 2.31 MPK made it to the Electrify America station to get those $$$ electrons…hit...
  10. ksurfier

    Be honest . . . Who bought another R1 because the lease deal is too good to pass on (or wishes they did)

    Did anyone grab another R1 cause they couldn’t help themselves? Curious to hear reasons why and which configuration I’m in the wish I could have gotten another one camp…just no way to swing it right now
  11. ksurfier

    Poll - What kind of replacement tires are you most interested in?

    Replacement Tires are a tricky thing with the R1's, lots of opinions and different options depending on your level of comfort if you step away from the OEMs. Here's a poll to see where the average forum member stands:
  12. ksurfier

    New tire option: YOKOHAMA |GEOLANDAR CV 4S G061 _ 275/60R20 116V

    New asymmetrical tire option looks to be coming soon... Specs are similar to Pirelli AS+3 but it's a lightweight (41#) all-season with the three peak mountain snowflake (3PMS) certification (perform in severe snow conditions). “The new, long-lasting CV 4S is our first premium all-weather...
  13. ksurfier


    LIVE: Starting $45k ~16 inches shorter ~300 miles range 4695 battery cells Glovebox! Manual Frunk 11 cameras and 5 radar sensors Bonus R3 below! R3 is 5 inches shorter than R2… (
  14. ksurfier

    High efficiency 20" wheels and ~34" tires options (R20 - 285/60 - 275/65 - 285/65 - 295/65)

    Spoiler: If you want to skip straight to the point, the Firestone Destination X/T in the 285/60R20 (33.5") size is the winner by a longshot, it's lightweight of 51# and aggressive characteristics plus a beefy 9.9" stance make it an easy choice for keeping high efficiency while maintaining a...
  15. ksurfier

    Affordable high efficiency 20" wheels and 33" tires options (275/60R20)

    Update: A great article that discusses/highlights many tire options: https://www.autoblog.com/article/best-truck-suv-tires/ 5 tires compared: Five (5) 275/60R20 [33"] Tires Compared: Defender, Territory HT, Geolander CV4S, Grabber HTS60, and Nomad Grappler Highlight: Four high efficiency...
  16. ksurfier

    20 Inch MICHELIN® X® LT A/S 2 (XL 275/60R20)

    Has anyone installed the Michelin from Costco (club exclusive). Searched forums but didn’t see anything. it’s 116H, so the correct load rating. Also appears to be extremely light weight (40 pounds). Overall Diameter (in) 33.0 Max Load, Single (lbs@psi) 2756 @ 50 Sidewall Black Sidewall...