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  1. mikehmb

    How often does your Infotainment reset on its own?

    I’ve been noticing an increase in frequency of the truck resetting itself. This is noticeable when the efficiency meter (15-min) resets, and the center screen reloads apps as you enter them - including, annoyingly, re-importing all contacts from the phone. It happened twice today. Anyone...
  2. mikehmb

    SF Bay Area PDR recommendations?

    I put a couple of good sized nuggs around the bed and tailgate, and expect to commit equally horrific crimes this summer, but then I’d like to make it look new and purty again. Any recommendations for relatively inexpensive paintless dent repair in the SF Bay area?
  3. mikehmb

    Air Compressor - help

    Fellow Geniuses - what is the expected behavior of the air compressor? I’m 18 months into ownership, use the compressor infrequently. However, every time I’ve tried, I get the same behavior: 1) Set compressor to desired PSI 2) Press start 3) Panic and disconnect because it’s clear we’ve blown...
  4. mikehmb

    EA broke my truck*

    *at least partially. Thankfully, it didn’t melt the connector to the truck - this was not catastrophic, but unacceptable nonetheless. Today, we were heading back to the bay area from Long Beach, taking the semi-leisurely route up 101. Stopped off in Santa Barbara to get coffee and add a few...
  5. mikehmb

    The R3 is meant to evoke Group B rally

    Group B was the most batshit racing ever to take place. It took small coupes, crammed as many horsepower as possible, and ran them on mixed rally stages. It only ran for a few years, because of the inherent danger involved, and many of the cars later found their way into other smaller...
  6. mikehmb

    Thanks Rivian - from people with power outages

    PGE shut down here at our place at 240p. While it was targeted at being back up at 550p, that’s been pushed to tomorrow morning. Probably later, because PGE. I’m writing this to you after having charged my ipad in the truck and while the router and AP are plugged into the truck, along with...
  7. mikehmb

    Draining the *&@(#!*& doors

    Getting super tired of hearing sloshing after every storm. Truck sits out in rain, next day I’ve got water in the doors. Anyone have an idea how to drain the doors without needing to go to the SC? My passenger door will drain if I park ass-end downhill and I pry the gap between trim panels...
  8. mikehmb

    Data re: battery temps

    Posting this in case anyone is interested. Car sat all day Sunday without being driven. Washed it and put it in the garage (so 30 seconds drive time in 36 hours). Left on charger last night, NO departure schedule set. Yesterday’s temps were high 50s. Charge schedule midnight -> 3pm Initial...
  9. mikehmb

    OTA 2023.50.01 Software is Out! (w/ departure & preconditioning scheduling)!

    Need to run some errands, but will kick it off when I get back. Anyone else get it today? Excited about the departure / preconditioning schedules!
  10. mikehmb

    Weird charging behavior and/or demonic possession

    Today, I had two back to back weird things happen: 1) Put the truck on a Chargepoint while getting abused by my PT for about 70 minutes. It charged for 20 minutes, dropped to zero, and Chargepoint continued to charge me for the amount of energy it should have delivered were it at full tilt...
  11. mikehmb

    Charging near J-Tree and Death Valley

    We’re scoping out a camping trip for later this week. I’ve done both Joshua Tree and DV numerous times in my previous ICE trucks, with varying degrees of hilarity and failure (coyotes stealing pans …. multiple flats within 100’ … etc). But I’ve never run out of fuel. J-tree seems easy...
  12. mikehmb

    Tailgate pad clearance with new tonneau

    Someone had asked in a recent thread (that I can’t find), so figured I’d answer, even if it’s many months late. The Rivian-branded tailgate pad fits just fine with the powered tonneau (mine is the new version, unclear if there’s any difference to original). I’ve got both closed and it’s tight...
  13. mikehmb

    Excellent service experience @ SSF SC aka NEW TONNEAU DAY

    Some of you were harassing me to post my experience with the new tonneau, and I literally just picked up the truck. Here you go. Some history: I scheduled a service appt in August for a seat squeak. Later, I added the 20” tire SW config update (because it’s not OTA yet) A month before the...
  14. mikehmb

    Clearing service backlog and other SC visit notes

    I dropped off my truck today to get the powered tonneau fix and a couple of squeaks fixed. They are bringing in folks from corporate tech labs to help accelerate clearing out service center backlog. According to Kevin (a rotating corp tech) @ the SSF SC, the plan is deliberate and effective...
  15. mikehmb

    Guess I’m getting my powered tonneau this week!

    Just got a call from Rivian. Truck is scheduled for a few minor issues coming up this Thursday. CS called to let me know they’re adding the powered tonneau fix to that visit. Fingers crossed - but really stoked to have received the call.
  16. mikehmb

    Cybertruck crushes Rivian in one key area

    … it’ll be a lot easier to wrap, because the panels are all flat. TAKE THAT, RIVIAN STANS. <I’ll see myself out>
  17. mikehmb

    “Comfort Entry” fails to return seat to driving position

    Has anyone encountered one of the following situations: - Get in truck, hit garage door open/close prior to stepping on brake. Step on brake to prepare to drive, and the seat doesn’t auto-return to driving position. Go into the screen and do it manually and it’s fine. - Get in truck but have...
  18. mikehmb

    California Sold: EV Sportline Rock Sliders - new/unmounted

    Went back and forth whether I was going to build the Rivian into a rock monster or just leave it stock. Decided on leaving it stock and building another TJ, so am selling a brand new - unmounted - set of Sliders from EV Sportline. These retail for $1750. Selling for $1400, including all HW...
  19. mikehmb

    Proximity unlock is flawless now

    I don’t want to jinx it, but so far, it has worked perfectly without need for intervention on the phone or app. Just tossing this out there for anyone who disabled it because it was pretty terrible before. There is hope! iPhone 11 (yes, yes I know) and ‘22 R1T - FYI
  20. mikehmb

    Corte Madera RAN open now

    Looks like they’ve got the Marin RAN up and running - free for the time being. That location is probably in the middle of about 500 Rivian owners within a couple of miles, so I expect it to be pretty busy. Good choice for marketing, weird choice for adventuring. FYI -