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    Parking Garage Structural Rating (Inquiry)

    Do you live in a condo high rise in Florida by chance?
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    My Luck Finally Ran Out, But The Denver Service Center Is THE Best!

    I’d like to blame this issue on charging at a mall in Wyoming.
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    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 20" AT Tires Installed -- Like Nebraska, honestly, it's not for everyone...

    A four ton SUV with 67lb LT’s smoked a brand new paper-plated “D.B.” in a Mercedes SL convertible with the top down in 55 degree rainy weather today. …carry on.
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    Burnt wire in the wall charger

    Tell us more about what the large black wire run from the breaker box to charger installed is…gauge, Romex/NM-B, THHN? Is there any printing on the sheath? Just a starting point-may/may not be the issue. (Looks like some nice victim fly fishing bugs I could use as well).
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    Can't imagine a worse car-buying experience

    Opposite experience in Denver. In fact, I’d say Denver definitely has their act together compared to some other SC’s., if not the top SC in the country, as I’ve followed this forum for 4 years. I’ll admit, purchasing a Rivian is a different horse compared to traditional dealership model...
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    It's April 2nd and I'm still waiting for my NACS adapter email!!!

    If your adapter requires only 2” or less to reach, you are prioritized. If you require an 8” adapter or greater to achieve the height of charging, you’ll have to wait.
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    Lost at least 1 rear motor (Update: Fixed, then rear ended on way home, 2nd update critical battery issue)

    Man, what bad luck. Excuse the pun, but you’ve really taken it in the rear end lately.
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    Colorado Checking In

    I swear I saw you…were you sporting the all white Reebok high tops with the Def Leopard t-shirt, holding the Spencer’s bag at the Orange Julius?
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    My R1T was damaged "Discount tire service center" (not the national Discount Tire chain)

    This is Jacked Up! Look for the Red and Black team members , and btw, they will inflate you for free.
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    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 20" AT Tires Installed -- Like Nebraska, honestly, it's not for everyone...

    I’m sure there’s some truth to this. However, it seems the 60-65mph is an efficiency sweet spot. I’m noticing a much bigger drop off at 75-80mph. Also, getting the heavier LT’s rolling from a stop takes up some “fuel”, so my in-town efficiency is lower. I’m lovin’ the tires though so far...
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    Colorado Tax Credits

    Still no reply on my protest, but I did fire off an email to [email protected] with the subject line, "CO Department of Revenue incorrectly denying Colorado EV Rivian owners of $2000 Innovative Motor Credit" and attached all relevant copies of the DR0617 marked up in red I posted earlier...
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    Who has the most miles on their R1 without a service?

    At 17,000 miles, only issue I’ve had is a camp speaker that refuses to pull out. I’m empathetic.
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    Colorado Checking In

    …or in this case, “BUC’D”.
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    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 20" AT Tires Installed -- Like Nebraska, honestly, it's not for everyone...

    Very cool! Looks great. Yes, I’m sure coming from 21’s it does have more noise, but when you come from the AT Pirelli 20’s it’s awfully similar. They do clear water and slush really well. We had a big snow dump in CO this week and they did much better than the OEM Pirelli AT’s. So far my...
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    Colorado Tax Credits

    Clearly, when you fill out your CO taxes for DR0617, it seems they omitted a category box to check, "Light-Duty Electric Trucks (for Passenger Motor Vehicles)". I did what I thought was right and checked "Light-Duty Passenger Motor Vehicles", but by doing so, it seems to slip you into the...
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    Colorado Tax Credits

    Thanks @tomis916 . I just submitted my online appeal with that form I referenced and marked up above as well as a photo of my Vehicle Equipment Label in the door sill showing the GVWR and VIN. Automated response: " Thank you for submitting your protest to the Colorado Department of Revenue...
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    Colorado Tax Credits

    Got my denial today as well for the $2000, "GVWR not in the allowable range for the vehicle type selected" which was the Light Duty Passenger Vehicle option I chose. @tomis916 , when you did your online appeal, did you send also any charts/references from the State which shows the proper amount...