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  1. COdogman

    Toyo Open Country A/T EV tires mounted (will update over weekend test)

    Thanks for sharing. I will probably replace my OEM 20s with the Toyos when the time comes. And I like the Martian wheels!
  2. COdogman

    Getting a new high voltage battery replacement

    I just had my HV battery replaced at 12000 miles and almost 1 year after delivery. I’ve only had it back for about a week now so I can’t comment on any additional problems, but it seems fine to me so far. The Denver SC said it hasn’t happened much, but it does happen. They were also great...
  3. COdogman

    RinseKit and my R1T

    That’s pretty cool - especially the 4-6 month battery life. I would fill it with bourbon.
  4. COdogman

    Class action suit against Rivian

    Throwing BS at the wall to see if it sticks…
  5. COdogman

    Supercharging limitation - is this new?

    That is 5 potential Mr. Muscles encounters. More than enough for me….
  6. COdogman

    Getting service done, 1-2 weeks without my car

    I’m sorry. They will reunite you with your truck again soon.
  7. COdogman

    Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    VIP OP will regret missing out on the discount after he graduates from his inpatient anger management class.
  8. COdogman

    R1 Refresh Question

    No one really knows yet, and Rivian is pretty good about keeping these things under wraps. Personally I would prepare yourself to be underwhelmed. I would be completely shocked if it included any of the features you asked about.
  9. COdogman

    Quick Question

    Unless they get hacked or accidentally share that info it should be safe. Even if we had it, we would likely only be able to narrow your location down to a general area, like a zip code or neighborhood. If you are worried about that use a VPN and your IP would show as somewhere else completely...
  10. COdogman

    Quick Question

    Only the people who run the forum should be able to see your IP address, which could even be a VPN if you were worried about that. No location listed in your profile. You didn’t include a name or job. A reverse image search of your profile pic led me to a Redbubble page that may or may not be...
  11. COdogman

    Quick Question

    Name: Civilian, Rivian Location: US(?) OSINT: Drives “a car” Asks weird questions on the internet Says y’all Might be crazy Might be a Rivian posing as a civilian
  12. COdogman

    R1T Front Bumper Warping (or denting)

    Would help if you added a pic so folks can see what you are seeing😉
  13. COdogman

    How often does your Infotainment reset on its own?

    I can’t recall mine ever resetting itself, but you’re not the only one who has brought this up recently.
  14. COdogman

    Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    A special APR would make sense. I don’t see them calling a customer and offering a chance to redo a deal for anything less than that.
  15. COdogman

    Conflict at the Supercharger

    Mr Muscles had tanning and body waxing appointments to keep himself occupied.