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  1. dleewla

    3 Times in Shop since Purchased in December

    youre mad about not getting a loaner? privilege, not a right.
  2. dleewla

    Kia EV9 Mini (EV3), The Korean R2 ?

    this is more in line with the size of the R3. the Kia EV5 is more like the R2.
  3. dleewla

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    it'll be very interesting to see what the vampire drain is going to be with the R1 refresh. simplified network architecture should make an improvement but will it be noticeably different?
  4. dleewla

    Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    yeah, a bit over the top. whats the big deal to wait a few days? they are trying to do you a favor by not getting the current version and getting a better one. imagine how sour it might be to get it now only to see the better version in 2-3 days. plus, they have no incentive to tell you...
  5. dleewla

    I'll say it... Driver+ getting worse, not better

    Driver+ is a limited and immature product. it has difficulty with multiple, continuous curves (id say it gets dangerous in some instances). it has trouble staying centered in a lane. it doesn't approach curves the way a good driver will - you'd typically approach a curve at speed by favoring...
  6. dleewla

    Has anyone had their Rivian stolen?

    not even sure its possible to steal. it needs the phone, key fob/card/wristband to start. itd have to be some high tech thieves.
  7. dleewla

    Guide: R1S / R1T Wind Noise FIX!

    nice work. i think one key missing piece is testing the wind noise difference using a sounds meter. it would be more objective and quantifiable if you had measured the sound before and after. ive done that in my R1T and i was averaging in the mid to high 60db at 75mph. to my surprise my...
  8. dleewla

    Rivian R1S at Google I/O today

    the Rivian OS is based on Android so that could be the extent of the "showcase" is just showing Rivian as an example.
  9. dleewla

    Tesla is backtracking and hiring some people back for the supercharger team(s)

    Elmo is an idiot. don't give him credit for some "genius" move. he might be an engineering genius but he's not savvy in that way. he likely did this impulsively then realized his mistake or more likely was told he made a mistake. he'll likely have to hire most of them at a higher wage than...
  10. dleewla

    5 tire rotation. Worth doing or 4 tire roation is fine?

    do you know id Discount Tire will do 5 tire rotations?
  11. dleewla

    5 tire rotation. Worth doing or 4 tire roation is fine?

    i know it can help extend the life of the tires. any reasons not to do it? fyi, i have the 20" OEM Pirelli Scorpions. my tires are at 8/32 and i just got a 5th tire from a friend which is also at 8/32.
  12. dleewla

    Fisker Finished?

    was really hoping they would succeed. anytime one new EV manufacturer fails, it looks bad on all new EV manufacturers. but the writing has been on the wall for months. i dont get those that picked up their Ocean over the past couple of months... risk takers i guess.
  13. dleewla

    Seattle R2/R3X Event - anybody going?

    went. it was awesome. great to see the size and details up close of the R2 and R3X. you dont need a reservation. if you have one you can skip the line, if you dont have oe you wait in line until they call you in. i highly recommend going.
  14. dleewla

    Seattle Expansion

    nice. i like the creativity
  15. dleewla

    Rivian replaces COO. Hires Javier Varela, who was most recently Volvo’s COO and Deputy CEO

    uuuuhhh, that's exactly what the previous guy was supposed to do.
  16. dleewla

    Seattle Expansion

    so this just came out. wonder if on top of the expansion in south seattle or in place of it. https://news.theregistryps.com/rivian-leases-54000-sqft-industrial-property-in-fife/
  17. dleewla

    Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    agreed but thats assuming Elmo's not done with the craziness. there's no guarantees he doesnt suddenly sack the agreements he made with Rivian and others. Or leaves things ambiguous trying to cause confusion and chaos. if Rivian is truly moving to native NACS ports, is there now some doubt or...
  18. dleewla

    Excessive whining noise from tires

    this is being discussed in another thread https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/increased-tire-noise-from-oem-pirelli-20-ats-after-13k-miles.24146/