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  1. mikehmb

    Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    That’s a *great* deal.
  2. mikehmb

    How often does your Infotainment reset on its own?

    Oh ha - of course, thx for clarifying. I only care if I’m making a call, otherwise the car’s phone app is pretty hopeless.
  3. mikehmb

    How often does your Infotainment reset on its own?

    Not asking about the phone app - the truck itself is resetting. I don’t care about the app much either.
  4. mikehmb

    How often does your Infotainment reset on its own?

    I’ve been noticing an increase in frequency of the truck resetting itself. This is noticeable when the efficiency meter (15-min) resets, and the center screen reloads apps as you enter them - including, annoyingly, re-importing all contacts from the phone. It happened twice today. Anyone...
  5. mikehmb

    My R1T on Ebay - breaks my heart!

    … and rear dual-zone A/C!
  6. mikehmb

    Adapter to use at Tesla supercharger

    Most people have found the A2Z to be reliable and well-built. I would agree with that assessment, though I’ve only used mine once as a test (roadtrip that we planned where I needed the adapter had to be postponed). The Lectron NACS->CCS adapters have been reported to have issues in the field...
  7. mikehmb

    Lordstown Endurance on Cars & Bids

    The fuckery surrounding Lordstown was (is?) epic. I wouldn’t be surprised if that truck was actually made of clay. Also: Title Status - “Bill of sale” … LOL
  8. mikehmb

    Has anyone tried this tire?

    The KO3 sidewall is considerably beefier than the OE Pirelli. One other consideration is the wheel bead. Beadlockers are a thing because people want to run super low pressures in very gnarly environments.
  9. mikehmb

    Beating the bird poop!

    Fun story: 2 winters ago, we lost the cypress in our front yard in the insane winds along the coast. It was a blessing due to the mess they made on the cars in the driveway (not to mention the constant fear of them killing us in our sleep during a storm), and we opted to replace with natives...
  10. mikehmb

    KIA EV9 vs. Rivian R1S: Comprehensive Overview, Key Questions, Buy or Lease Scenarios?

    The only advice I can give, as a pathological car person, is to get whichever one tickles your sensitive bits. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. For me, that means something I can bash off road, do insane 0-60 sprints, and handle like something half its weight = R1S (in my...
  11. mikehmb

    My Luck Finally Ran Out, But The Denver Service Center Is THE Best!

    Ahh, yeah. That happens after they close out the ticket sometimes. Weird, but thank you for looking!
  12. mikehmb

    My Luck Finally Ran Out, But The Denver Service Center Is THE Best!

    So sorry you had to deal with this! I take it as incredibly encouraging that they were able to run the swap in such a short amount of time. If you don’t mind, could you let us know how many hours labor they estimated? Not that I plan to have mine replaced any time soon, but assuming I keep...
  13. mikehmb

    US Postal Service Tests RDV 500 Van

    It is ideal, but this is an organization that’s not seen any major innovation since they stopped using horses and started using cars. Adapting to the new tech will take some time. Agree re: security - it’s inherently more secure (including remote disabling and tracking).
  14. mikehmb

    Tire Replacement - Do you have experience with Michelin Defender LTX Platinum or Continental TerrainContact A/T?

    I’m probably an outlier based on what I’ve seen others say on the forums, but I don’t like LTX Platinums based on specs alone. It’s a heavy non-AT tire with a bedazzled sidewall lug pattern (admittedly looks great from the side). The tread face scares the hell out of me with regards to snow...
  15. mikehmb

    Have any of you tried towing a wakeboard boat from Sacramento Area to Lake Tahoe?

    Do you have a NACS->CCS adapter yet? If so, this should be a piece of cake.
  16. mikehmb

    Axle Stud / Bolt Replacement - Help/Opinions/Experience

    Regarding your safety question, coupled with the statement that you use it in emergency response, I would absolutely get it in asap to be repaired. 230ft-lbs being delivered per wheel on this truck and it weighs 7k lbs - not something I would trust to 4 lugs and a hub ring. Biting my tongue on...
  17. mikehmb

    Axle Stud / Bolt Replacement - Help/Opinions/Experience

    Studs are relatively easy to replace on most cars, though have yet to replace one on my Rivian. Seems like this happened at the shop that did the ceramic, since (I assume) the wheels had to come off. Which means they cross-threaded a stud when replacing that wheel. I would absolutely go back...
  18. mikehmb

    “Slower due to warm plug” charging error

    Huh, weird. Then I’d put in a ticket. Sounds like a SW bug based on the responses above, but could be something more.