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  1. electruck

    3 Times in Shop since Purchased in December

    Just remember, lemon laws have been around a lot longer than EVs. That should tell you something about your prospects of finding a "better truck".
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    Question about ChargePoint Homeflex Amps

    Because there is a fundamental difference between Level 2 AC charging and DC fast charging and this applies to all BEVs. https://www.motortrend.com/features/electric-vehicle-ev-charger-differences/
  3. electruck

    Rivians Software is Android

    You would be incorrect in that Unreal Engine is not a kernal or even an OS. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/spotlights/rivian-s-r1t-features-state-of-the-art-hmi-designed-developed-and-deployed-in-unreal-engine
  4. electruck

    Rich Rebuilds deep dive into EVs getting totalled by insurance companies

    Not generally a fan of RR videos but this was actually a good one.
  5. electruck

    Frequent Reboots?

    I may be wrong but would expect the efficiency data for the graph and other display settings to be retained in non-volatile memory thus not subject to loss due to low voltage issues with the 12V system. My guess is this is a software issue resulting in data/state being reset.
  6. electruck

    Frequent Reboots?

    I've also noticed unexplained resets of displays myself. Not sure if that's due to a reboot, deep sleep cycle, or what.
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    Flat tire. No spare.

    Because you're a newbie and confused (nothing wrong with that btw), I would highly encourage you to invest some time to do a dry run with the inflatable spare to make sure you are familiar with how to jack the R1, inflate the spare, figure out where the flat tire might go once the spare has been...
  8. electruck

    Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Based on what Rivian has stated about the rollout, no R1S owners should be there yet. There's over a year's worth of R1T deliveries that should have priority. Makes me wonder if Hilbe had taken delivery of an R1T and later traded for an R1S. Lot's of possibilities and we just don't know the...
  9. electruck

    Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Hmmm. I'm going to assume there are some not so obvious details there since I have an R1S with VIN in the 3000s and haven't even been asked to confirm my address yet (but did complete the opt-in).
  10. electruck

    22” New Pirelli Scorpion MS - reviews?

    You'd have to provide your definition of "best". Overall, the Contis feel like they have better grip straight line and cornering in both wet and dry conditions but they will start to howl at about 9/10ths. In terms of responsiveness, I don't think they give up much, if anything, to the...
  11. electruck

    22” New Pirelli Scorpion MS - reviews?

    They're both all-season M+S street tires but the Scorpion Zero is a Sport tire where the new Scorpion MS is a Touring tire, so tuned a little differently. The MS are still very new so unlikely to find any reviews from the Rivian community. MS might be slightly more comfortable, a little...
  12. electruck

    Sad world we live in (Houston charger cables being cut)

    Even that wouldn't be too hard to work around. The first guy would be in for a nasty surprise but everyone after that would take preventative measures.
  13. electruck

    Possible Front-Left Wheel Bearing Issue

    Also, tire cupping is most commonly an alignment issue but could be coming from a bad bearing.
  14. electruck

    Possible Front-Left Wheel Bearing Issue

    If you are able and comfortable doing this, jack up that corner as if you were changing a flat tire and manually check for play and bearing noise. this guy does a good walk through of what you're looking for.
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    all EV stock jumped +10%

    Something like 70% of all trades are high-frequency trades made by computer algorithms. While one might argue that to be "rational", it is not based on the fundamental valuation of a company and is a significant contributor to market volatility.
  16. electruck

    all EV stock jumped +10%

    Let's talk irrational trades. Most EV stocks were up 5-10% today, except Vinfast that was up over 50% presumably on news of their integration with Sony's RIDEVU streaming platform (in addition to the tariffs on Chinese imports). Sorry, but RIDEVU isn't a game-changer for Vinfast, it's not even...
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    Sad world we live in (Houston charger cables being cut)

    That's for Level 2 AC charging, not for DC fast charging.
  18. electruck

    Apple & Rivian Reportedly in Partnership Talks

    Ha ha. In all seriousness though, RJ mentioned to my wife and I at the Mill Valley event back in January 2020 that they were already exploring haptics.
  19. electruck

    Sad world we live in (Houston charger cables being cut)

    For those suggesting a bring your own cable solution, no, that's not really viable with DCFC because you wouldn't be able to have liquid cooling of the cable. Would work great for L2 though and is actually implemented in some parts of the world. You could have the cable built into the vehicle...
  20. electruck

    R1S as only vehicle for family: how cooked am I?

    R1S has been our only vehicle for over a year now, no problems and no regrets.