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  1. crashmtb

    Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    I don't think that'll compel them to build a service centre here, unfortunately
  2. crashmtb

    Prices lowered on R1T and R1S inventory (5/23/24)

    too bad rivian won't sell me one because of geography.
  3. crashmtb

    Sad world we live in (Houston charger cables being cut)

    Tale as old as copper. My brother in law used to work in the transmission side of the local electrical utility. People would try to steal bus bars from substations, thingd like that. He’d find what was left.
  4. crashmtb

    Rivian EV manufacturing plant with Kawasaki Robots

    The central/eastern european Kawasaki Robotics office's marketing team doesn't seem to care
  5. crashmtb

    Montreal service center location is confirmed!

    Rifish is hardly doomed without the Quebec market. The Canadian market is seemingly secondary if not tertiary to Rivian. We’re a small market and spread out over a big area. The US and EMEA are clearly higher priorities, and easier markets to be in.
  6. crashmtb

    Rivian - we are not abandoning Georgia

    I don’t expect somewjere like a data centre or building products facility to employ a lot of people-they’re automated. but they do take up a lot of space, and in the case of manufacturing facilities, have a lot of truck traffic. What I was getting at is there are clearly a number of industrial...
  7. crashmtb

    Rivian - we are not abandoning Georgia

    Did people similarly oppose the large certanteed, General Mills, solo container, stand ridge color, Stanton springs data Center, etc etc facilities in the area?
  8. crashmtb

    Afraid of Repair Costs

    You should be more afraid of the repair costs on your golf. Hard to find wagon specific parts.
  9. crashmtb

    Alright, let's be honest here

    RJ‘s dad’s company, of which Rivian was part for a time: https://mainstream-engr.com/
  10. crashmtb

    Rivian Build Quality in 2024 (Out of Spec Detailing)

    lol what? Have you never met a chrysler product?
  11. crashmtb

    Hi There, from Mountain Pass Performance

    Yeah so about that, Canada kinda failed at metrification. This tweeter i saw exemplifies how things work.
  12. crashmtb

    Spotted: New R1 wheel and tire option coming?

    You are aware this is a test vehicle, yes? They almost always have black wheels.
  13. crashmtb

    R2 with Treehouse Roof Top Tent RTT (from NYC showing)

    They did a brexit and everything
  14. crashmtb

    Rivian R1S Extended Rendering

    oh boy here we go again.
  15. crashmtb

    Rivian temporarily pausing R1 configurator due to production line shutdown

    My point is that in a great many cases, rivian is causing the delay themselves by taking order from everywhere, with assurances of mobile service etc, when in fact those orders won't be filled on any timescale less than geological. But it made for a fat order book to show off at IPO time!
  16. crashmtb

    Rivian temporarily pausing R1 configurator due to production line shutdown

    If one is an “old” preorder holder who lives, say, anywhere in Canada that is not one of four cities (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, or Montreal), Rivian won’t fulfill that preorder yet. I keep getting emails about shop access, leasing, etc. but none of it applies!