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  1. DaveA

    Starting to get interested and reading a bunch

    Its a solid system if settings are right and I enjoy it more now that my wind noise issues have been almost eliminated.
  2. DaveA

    New: Snap-on dashboard phone mount & Slidable armrest half-tray

    The redesign with the extender is great! Thanks again! 😃
  3. DaveA

    Tesla V3, V4 Superchargers and RAN Stations Map (kml for Google Earth)

    Thanks! Just noticed Rivian website allows you to filter on RAN and Tesla available chargers as well. But this map is missing a few locations that show as available in the Rivian app for some reason. Supercharger in Post, Texas for example.
  4. DaveA

    A2Z adapter delivered today

    I’m a pretty early VIN, but not confident in how soon the official one will arrive. I figure I have 4 weeks for shipping plus 14 day return window with A2Z if the official one shows up between now and then. Then maybe a lucky forum member buys the A2Z off me for a discount. 😁
  5. DaveA

    A month with my R1T

    Closest you will get to coasting down a steep grade is Snow mode. That has the Low regen setting.
  6. DaveA

    New: Snap-on dashboard phone mount & Slidable armrest half-tray

    Would you be able to send me the extender as well? I definitely need my phone to sit higher. Order # 54976. Thanks so much!
  7. DaveA

    Rivian Service Experience = Not Great

    The mobile tech here in San Antonio replaced mine in my garage. Not sure why they haven't trained more techs for this.
  8. DaveA

    Starting Car Noise

    The AC compressors on these trucks only sound like that after a long fast charge or 100 degree plus temps. I’d get it looked at.
  9. DaveA

    Nantucket Beaches 1, Cybertruck 0

    Cyberstuck on Nanstucket should have been the headline.
  10. DaveA

    Resolved (my) excessive wind noise 2023 R1T (cause: corner window plastic trim)

    I concur...this really, really helped....went from needing audio on 15 to now only level 10 just stuffing some hollow tube rubber into those areas.
  11. DaveA

    Anyone receive an R2 Configuration Survey from Rivian?

    I did...and those configuration questions were strange...
  12. DaveA

    2023 R1T Shop Max Pack - $10k Off?

    Sooo tempting...but refresh is sooo s00n.
  13. DaveA

    NACS Adapters now shipping…s00nish!

    Damn. Thought I got it, but instead it was an R2 survey. 😟
  14. DaveA

    San Antonio Service Center coming 2024

    I drove by a couple weeks ago....structure is up and I think next step appears to be finishing exterior walls and installing garage doors. I think they want it open in August from my last convo with mobile tech.
  15. DaveA

    New upcoming Rivian Service Centers? Expanded Mobile Service coverage area?

    Sarasota and Jacksonville for Florida. https://rivian.com/experience/service
  16. DaveA

    Tesla FSD Full Self Driving & Rivian ?

    Full Self Destroying? Think those 2 already have all the market share on that.
  17. DaveA

    Tesla FSD Full Self Driving & Rivian ?

    I've had full self-driving since Day 1 of ownership....as in...I drive it myself.
  18. DaveA

    Afraid of Repair Costs

    Rear panel on R2 is incorporated into same panel up to front fender according to tech I spoke with. So not gonna be any better for repair apparently.
  19. DaveA

    “I’ll be back”

    Yes! I keep a spray bottle of highly dilluted soap and water and a wash mitt in the gear tunnel to clean the front end and windshield on road trips to pass the time while charging. Front end PPF makes it pretty easy to clean up.