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  1. SANZC02

    Sad world we live in (Houston charger cables being cut)

    Someone is cutting the Supercharger cables in the Houston area. People can be such lowlife…
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    Tesla Supercharger open in Destin, FL

    Anyone in the Florida panhandle, there is a new option, Tesla just opened a Supercharger in Destin that is NACS compatible.
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    Has anyone connected Rivian to an iPhone 14 ProMax hotspot?

    Question has anyone been able to connect the Rivian to an iPhone hotspot? Specifically an iPhone 14 ProMax. It does not show as an available network when I enable the hotspot on the phone. Tried simplifying the phone name and enabling the “Maximise Compatibility” switch but am not seeing it.
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    Tirerack.com rolling out Rivian Vans for mobile tire installation

    Looks like Tire Rack is testing mobile installs using Rivian Vans.
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    Electrify America Solar 1 site…

    Not sure how I missed this information from Electrify America but this solar farm went live August 2023. Good news for anyone looking for clean power to offset EVs. From the article ”This investment is expected to generate 75 MW at peak solar capacity, which is comparable to the power drawn...
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    Question - are you using Alexa?

    Just curious if people have Alexa configured and how they are using it. For some reason I never set it up, plan to test at some point just Haven’t got around to it.
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    There is an R1T inventory link…

    Was browsing the Rivian web site, they now have a link on the R1T order page you can get to for prebuilt inventory. You can enter your zip code and see available inventory with filtering.
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    Study on EV battery lifespan yields 'shocking' (positive) results

    This is an interesting study on EV battery life. Granted there is not a lot of EVs on the road to get real long term numbers but this should help people concerned about premature wear. Researchers make surprising discovery about lifespan of EV batteries: ‘That was a shock’...
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    Rivian and Polestar at Stockholm climate week.

    https://stories.rivian.com/rivian-polestar-collective-action#! Rivian’s Chief Sustainability Officer Anisa Costa and Head of Sustainability at Polestar, Fredrika Klarén, sat down together at Stockholm Climate Week. Their conversation centered around the Pathway Report that Rivian and Polestar...
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    DIY solution for storing Torx 20/25 just in case -- in trailer hitch

    Just thought I would share. With all of the posts about dead batteries I was thinking I do not normally carry a Torx 20/25 in my pocket and having it inside the vehicle would not make it accessible. My crude solution, I took a piece of 2x4, cut it 7” long by 2 inches wide. Picked up a multi...
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    First R1S tire rotation DIY experience

    Thought I would share information on my first tire rotation at 6k miles. I have a couple of 4ton Jack stand/bottle jack combo units. They worked great with the pucks I purchased. It is a great time to clean off the brake calipers as well. Here is what I used;
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    Gear Guard Question?

    I have not had gear guard turned on. I was playing with it yesterday and had a question. I thought it was supposed to give a visual indication on the screen when it started recording. I am seeing videos if I enable it and walk around the truck but I get zero feedback that anything has been...
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    Pet Friendly R1S 3rd row vents (PSA).

    Just a note about the 3rd row HVAC vents for your pets. If a seat belt is not clicked in on the 3rd row the vents do not operate. I asked Rivian if they had any plans to have a pet mode for them but the answer was nothing in the near term that they are aware of. I purchased these from...
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    Crash concerns and insurance rates…

    I am seeing some seemingly miner crashes that appear to be totaling the vehicles. There was one totaled by a dear, another one still waiting for the repair quote from a dear. There was the minor rear corner dent that had a 20k plus repair quote. Then there is this seemingly miner rear end...
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    📊 Q3 2022 Rivian Production Stats: 7,363 Built and 6,584 Delivered

    Rivian posted this today. October 3, 2022 Rivian Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIVN) today announced production totals for the quarter ending September 30, 2022. The company produced 7,363 vehicles at its manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois and delivered 6,584 vehicles during the same...
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    R1S on list of 2023 NACTOY SUV of the year

    To be eligible they have to be available by end of this year
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    Nissan getting into the crossover EV market

    Saw this first drive on the Nissan Arita. Not a lot of specs but good views of the vehicle.
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    Looks like Rivian is expanding their Irvine footprint.

    This is from the Orange County Business Journal;
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    Auto Mythbusters (Motor Trend TV) battery scenarios compared.

    This show took a Mustang EV to Willow Springs in CA. A hot day in the 90s and did a 5 lap test (7.75 miles) comparing range with AC, with heat, without regen, wireless charging a phone. It was interesting to watch, wireless phone charging usage was surprising. Here are the results of...
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    New Information about supply chain (Jan/2022)

    There are a couple of new articles talking about supply chain This one talks about how bad the supply chain was last year. This one is more concerning where China is locking down some key cities trying to contain Omnicro.