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  1. kanundrum

    Peters Mill Run OHV Trail Shenandoah/George Washington National Forest with R1S

    Did Peters Mill Run OHV Trail https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/gwj/recreation/ohv/recarea/?recid=73965&actid=24 Which is a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail mainly to test for future events to make sure they are 21" and 22" friendly. Spoiler Alert: THEY ARE NOT haha. I would not recommend it at least...
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    Rivian testing new Driver+ (Autonomy Experience Module) -- stops by the FCC

    Looks like Rivian is Testing a New Driver + Module as it was recently tested at the FCC. THE AEM (Autonomy Experience Module) can only be interpreted as Driver+ based off the hardware, protocols, and testing information from the FCC. RJ also mentioned new hardware coming soon for this so it all...
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    BEVS and Beverages April 6th, Sterling, VA GlasWerks DMV

    Come Join us for BEVS and Beverages (cars and coffee) EV edition! 21620 ridgetop circle, suite 190, Sterling, VA, United States, Virginia April 6th, 10am - 12PM Bring your Own Setup and show off your BEV or just come on by and check out other setups!
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    Greenridge State Forest Novice Off Roading Part 3 Mar 22

    Going back to GreenRidge State Forest for some Novice Off Roading. More Details to come! Truncated time table so arrive at Exxon (From RAN) at 10am! We will set off at 10:15am sharp! Here is the schedule: RAN is in Hagerstown for those who need to charge up please do so accordingly and arrive...
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    2024 Mid Atlantic Events Schedule

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    Rivian's 100Ah Battery Bank (Camp Speaker Replacement) Patent

    Looks pretty Final stages to me
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    Greenridge State Forest Novice Off Roading Part 2

    Here are some information from our last event: https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/event-feb-10th-trekking-thru-green-ridge-state-forest-md-dc-wv-pa.11630/ More Details to Come!
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    My Rivian R1S 1 Year Owners Review (AMA)

    Its been 1 Year to date already with my R1S so here is my 1 year Ownership Log/Review but first a TLDR for those who want the short version. TLDR: Hands down one of the best vehicles I owned regardless of how it is fueled. It being able to update its components and add features on the fly on a...
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    R1S Drive Cam Storm Damage Video + Service Center Fast Response (Gaithersburg, MD)

    So a storm did this as I was at a stoplight with my family and the tank of a Rivian held its own against a 8 foot umbrella slamming against the car. Saturday evening it happened, 1 hour later I called insurance (Erie) to file a glass claim (at the time I didnt see body damage) they set an...
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    Gaithersburg, MD Service Center Officially Open!

    Pics Courtesy of Ron From Mid Atlantic Rivian Owners. I'll be there Monday the 17th all day long for service.
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    Rivian R1T Performance Dual Motor AWD, Time to Launch. 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, 307-400 miles range

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    Attention Colorado area: RMRC Event July 15-16 2023 - Saturday morning Geneva Creek Drive AND Sunday MEETUP - Details

    RMRC Event July 15-16 2023 - Saturday morning Geneva Creek Drive AND Sunday MEETUP - Details Hi RMRC club members, Rivian owners, reservation holders and fans. Please join us and the Rivian Road...
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    Grand Junction Co Folks, Want to be Part of a RAN Opening? July 13th.

    Please Contact for more information [email protected]
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    Rivian Official Kansas City Meetup July 18th

    As many of you know Rivian Storytelling is taking a road trip from Seattle, WA to Normal, IL and meeting as many Rivian owners along the way. KANSAS CITY! We need you to clear your calendar for Tuesday, 7/18. Time to be announced: will be sometime between 8a - 2p. Details will be on our...
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    Rivian Needs Owners for Electricfy Expo 2023 Washington DC RFK Stadium

    Hello All! Rivian has reached out and asked me to organize Members who can show off their Rivian in the 2023 Washington DC Electrify Expo Car Show. Please send me a dm for registration (free). We will all convoy in together and represent in a bit collective fashion hopefully our kickass...
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    Rivian Official Events: Las Vegas (July 2) and Salt Lake City (July 9th)

    Hello everyone! The Official Rivian team wants to meet owners in Las Vegas as well as Salt lake City. The Las Vegas event will be on July 2nd The Salt Lake City event will be on July 9th To RSVP please contact @[email protected]
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    Please Sign: https://actnowforpubliclands.org/rivian Rivian is submitting a public comment to the Bureau of Land Management in support of the proposed Public Lands Rule. We invite our community to join us in using our voices during such a critical time for the future of our planet. Together we...
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    R1S Sunshade Amazon Find

    I found the item at my Local RV store but it is online as well https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08RSDRB6S?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details XXL 41.5x50 Still need to Steam it to remove the wrinkles but fits well, doesnt sag and i have seen it reduce interior temps by about 20F in not even...
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    May 28th 9am to 11 DMV Cars and Coffee Rivian Edition (Potomac, MD Boulangerie Christophe)

    Sun, May 28 9:00am - 11:00am EDT Boulangerie Christophe 11321 Seven Locks Rd suite 100 Potomac, MD 20854