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  1. Rivdog

    Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    I know it’s frustrating, but the Rivian is unlike even the really nice German Panamera 4S I was driving around for a little while this winter. If you get the Rivian, it’ll probably be hard to ever go back to an ICE, even a really nice one. Except for you weekend cruisers and track cars, of course!
  2. Rivdog

    Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    You must be LIVID that you’re now getting another $4,000 off by waiting just a little bit longer. Should probably just decline delivery and cancel the deal at this point. What a terrible thing Rivian has done to you. Sincerely, Troll and Clown.
  3. Rivdog

    Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    Oh how I wish I could see his interactions at the Superchargers…
  4. Rivdog

    Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    You signed up, made one thread acting like an absolute entitled brat, and then insulted everyone here. You’re off to a great start! Are you sure you’re not looking for the Tesla forums?
  5. Rivdog

    Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    I wish I could like this post 1000 times. Perfectly said.
  6. Rivdog

    2025 Standard Pack LFP Battery EPA Test data released. Heat pump confirmed

    I decided to not ditch mine and even bought a used spare back when they were still hard to find. I had a flat that I plugged and needed to switch that one to my spare. I needed the range, but might regret that decision now. I doubt Pirelli discontinues the tires in the near future, but it...
  7. Rivdog

    BEWARE - EVGo at Pilot Flying J - ripoff pricing

    Need more competition. When there are no other choices, that’s a ridiculous rate, but it’s better than a dead battery.
  8. Rivdog

    Beating the bird poop!

    Exactly, that’s why I was having to clean it on a daily basis. It was driving me crazy.
  9. Rivdog

    Beating the bird poop!

    My R1T lives outside in the driveway because my garage is a home gym. Unfortunately, the birds out here are on a seek and destroy mission against my Rivian. They sit on the rear fin, the bed, my bed rails, the side of the truck, and especially the mirrors, dropping poop bombs all day, every day...
  10. Rivdog

    Interesting EV Article

    Unfortunately, the stock has been dropping since the IPO - it’s not a recent thing. Better battery tech will always be “coming soon.” Toyota has been on the verge of producing solid state batteries for what, like 10 years now? Rivian isn’t the fastest for DCFC, but it’s above average and...
  11. Rivdog

    KIA EV9 vs. Rivian R1S: Comprehensive Overview, Key Questions, Buy or Lease Scenarios?

    Don’t forget the “cool” factor. Part of why I bought the Rivian is that it was something totally new and special - an electric truck that could go 0-60 in 3 seconds from a new manufacturer. I hope I’ll be able to own something REALLY special if I make it to retirement, but this was my...
  12. Rivdog

    Something is different here…

    There was a Cybertruck parked at a resort my family was staying at, and it was the first one I’d seen in person. I told my wife to take a look at it as we prepared to walk by it later that day. As we were getting close to where it was parked, she thought she saw it…but it was a big electrical...
  13. Rivdog

    R1S as only vehicle for family: how cooked am I?

    It’s ALWAYS a gamble being a 1 car household, even if your one car is a Toyota.
  14. Rivdog

    R1T topper shell by Wakeshield

    I would be all over this! Helps to have a black truck for the natural color match.
  15. Rivdog

    Another bill proposed to eliminate EV tax credits.

    If anyone wants to hate on the Rivian, I just tell them to drive it before making a final judgment. If someone can’t admit that it’s a heck of a lot of fun to drive, they’re just lying.
  16. Rivdog

    Differences between Rivian RTT roof top tent and Yakima HD3?

    The mounts are different and it is a royal PITA to get the non-Rivian branded Yakima tent on the Yakima crossbars. The Rivian branded Yakima tent has custom mounts for the Rivian crossbars. I tried to get Yakima to sell me the Rivian crossbar mounts but they claim Rivian won’t allow it, which...
  17. Rivdog

    Introduction to J+ BOOSTER 2 EV Charger + Exclusive Discount

    Looks like a solid product. I’ve already got my charging needs covered, but this would certainly be a strong contender if I didn’t. I like the design too.
  18. Rivdog

    Got a ticket in my Rivian...

    Try this from Abstract Ocean. Very minimal, strong, and functional for the few occasions you need to use Apple Maps or Google Maps when the Rivian app is being wonky. https://abstractocean.com/products/phone-mount-dash-anchor-for-rivian-r1t-r1s
  19. Rivdog

    Why has my R1S become a sales huckster?

    I use Alexa regularly and it hasn’t ever tried to sell me anything. I echo what others have said - there must be something in your Alexa settings that’s causing it.