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  1. Chewy734

    iPhone widget not updating during charging

    Has anyone else noticed that their Rivian widget on the iPhone Lock Screen doesn’t seem to be updating automatically when charging? The last time I charged was ~2 weeks ago, so I can’t tell when exactly it stopped working (after updating the app or the vehicle software).
  2. Chewy734

    PPF on the roof shark fin?

    Hey all, I was wondering if any of you had success in wrapping the roof’s shark fin antenna housing with PPF? It seems like due to the curvature and shape, it would be difficult to wrap without an obvious seam? Thanks!
  3. Chewy734

    RJ should troll…

    … and build one of these for March 7th. 😂
  4. Chewy734

    Rivian recommended maintenance schedule

    I came across this today and didn’t see it posted anywhere here on the forums. Maintenance Intervals Tire Rotation and Multi-Point Inspection: every 7,500 mi (12,000 km) Comprehensive Inspection: 22,500 mi (36,000 km) Brake Fluid Flush: every 36 months Coolant Change: 112,500 mi (180,000 km)...
  5. Chewy734

    R1T conquers Moreeb Dune in UAE

    Not my vehicle. I saw this on YouTube earlier today, and it’s pretty amazing how effortless it made it look!
  6. Chewy734

    Apparently my EV9 preorder is coming next week…

    … what do I do? :oops: I honestly never realized it would be delivered so soon, and I love my R1S despite its quirks and such. I really don’t have a need for another SUV. Plus, I haven’t actually sat in or driven the EV9, and I wouldn’t buy a vehicle without driving it first. Should I at...
  7. Chewy734

    Mixed feelings about latest service appointment

    Hey all, As many of you know, I’m a pretty patient person, and I’ve been overall generally positive and excited about Rivian and our R1S. But, my last service appointment has left me a bit soured. TLDR: It took a month to do less than a week’s worth of work, and they returned the car pretty...
  8. Chewy734

    Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West charging help

    Hi all, I’m heading out to Las Vegas for a week tomorrow, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to safely make it to the Grand Canyon West area and back without charging? I was thinking of charging to 100% at the RAN in the Town Square Park. From there it seems like it’s 252 miles round trip...
  9. Chewy734

    Checked out the Volvo EX90 - initial impressions

    Hey all, I had the opportunity to check out (but not drive) the upcoming Volvo EX90 SUV in a closer to production model today at South Bay Volvo. These are my impressions: TLDR: In my opinion, the R1S is a more compelling and better vehicle in nearly every way. Exterior I liked the overall...
  10. Chewy734

    KAGU Series R1S Custom Fit 3D MAXpider floor mats / frunk mat -- review

    Just got these delivered today! The packing was good for shipping. I would say the material is a little thinner than I expected, but it’s the right amount of flexibility/rigidity, and I really like the lip around each mat. The fabric on the back is nice and rough to help it stick with the...
  11. Chewy734

    LA area recommendation for powder coating wheels?

    Hey all, Does anyone have recommendations for a good shop where I can go to get my wheels powder coated? I’m looking for a shop in the LA area where I can drop off the vehicle for a couple days and they can do it all themselves. I can’t dismount the wheels and drop them off separately. Thanks!
  12. Chewy734

    Livestream for seeing the 3-row ID. Buzz World Premiere

    Just got this email, if any of you are interested to check it out: Tune in on YouTube
  13. Chewy734

    How to visit Death Valley?

    Hey all, We're hoping on coming down from Lake Tahoe to visit Death Valley next month. We were planning on staying near Inyokern, given the closest RAN charger is located there. But, it doesn't seem like we'll have enough range to make it through Death Valley to another fast charger. Any...
  14. Chewy734

    Current Rivian owners - What’s one change that would make you happier?

    Hi fellow Rivian owners, I’m curious what one thing you would ask Rivian to change/improve to make you happier? And, I mean related to your Rivian experiences, not just with your life in general. ;) Mine is better quality control. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the factory or the service...
  15. Chewy734

    R1S Rivian Blue - XPEL stealth PPF, tint, chrome delete, ceramic coating, debadging

    Hey all, I finally got my R1S back from the detailer (405 Motoring) who did an amazing job on my R1S! Needless to say, I highly recommend them if you're in the LA-area. I wanted to share some pics they shared with me. Some more are on the way, so I'll update this thread once I have them. I was...
  16. Chewy734

    What’s this vent for?

    And why is it only on the driver’s side? Note, this is directly in front of the driver’s side front mud flap.
  17. Chewy734

    Finally... welcomed my Rivian Blue R1S beast after 1567 days!

    I waited 1567 days for this day! For those of you still waiting, I feel your pain... all I can say is that it's definitely worth the wait! I finally picked her up earlier today on a cloudy, wet, gloomy day. It literally rained all day, but I managed to take a short drive through the hills of...
  18. Chewy734

    Invitations: Get up close with the R1S in Venice

    You’re invited to be among the first to see our all-electric SUV at the Venice Hub. Swing by to join in the festivities and get up close with the R1S. July 11-17, 2022 660 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 Along with an opportunity to step inside the R1S and explore its features and design, you...
  19. Chewy734

    Got some Rivian swag today

    So, I got a package from Rivian today... nope, not the keys to my R1S, unfortunately. But, it's a pretty cool MiiR water bottle and some miscellaneous things. I would've preferred that they didn't cancel my First Mile tour due to weather, but it was nice of them to send it. Anyone else get one?