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  1. SolartoEV

    Deer hit the front end... repair cost?

    $14,000. Deer hit. Western NY. 100# deer. 7 week fix No lights broken. No hood damage. My guess is closer to 20k.
  2. SolartoEV

    Scraping from passenger rear wheel area - Probably brakes.

    I didn't have them do the work. I replaced the front pads myself. But I was told if there is signs of uneven wear that they have to change the rotors.
  3. SolartoEV

    Scraping from passenger rear wheel area - Probably brakes.

    I am in the same boat but do not off road that often. I am at 52,000. I could take needing new pads but the uneven wear irks me and Rivians response of it being normal sucks.
  4. SolartoEV

    Scraping from passenger rear wheel area - Probably brakes.

    We are just ahead of the curve here. Most people don't have as many miles as we do. They will all be here. Rivian service did my rear pads. I just changed my own front pads. I love everybody saying we are doing something wrong! First you get told you are using your brakes, you say i...
  5. SolartoEV

    Brake pad wear?

    My front pads made it 51,000. My rear pads made it 25,000. Rock auto Front pads fit well. Had to pop off a little metal tab but other than that it was no big deal.
  6. SolartoEV

    Brake pad wear?

    I was just told the same thing. I replaced my front pads myself and will do that back when needed. I hope there are some after market rotors available soon
  7. SolartoEV

    Brake pad wear?

    I'm circling back a year later. I now have 52,000 miles. Still am not touching my brake pedal unless it's an emergency braking situation. Started hearing a rubbing/metal noise at low speed a couple days ago. With the wheel mounted i could clearly see the front pad was fine so i kinda just...
  8. SolartoEV

    Entire Tesla Supercharger team fired (Update: Elon Musk says supercharger network growth will continue). ** ⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **

    I like to go to Bizzaro world and see the news over there. Here is a good going theory. Super friendly group on the Tesla Aztek forum
  9. SolartoEV

    Radar Sensors Blocked - Help!

    Soft reset? Hard reset?
  10. SolartoEV

    Radar Sensors Blocked - Help!

    Can you take a picture of the rear of your truck?
  11. SolartoEV

    New York FS: NIB A2Z NACS Adapter - $225 shipped

    That's like a R1T in April of 2022!
  12. SolartoEV

    Tesla Model Y price slashing again, and the future of RIVN

    Great deal to drive a turd shapped car. Just a perfect loaf pinched nice.
  13. SolartoEV

    Stockbridge GA EA charging station

    Can you screen shot the charge curve from the Rivian app?