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  1. virgnia_rivian

    Rivian Rockville, MD Location is Now Open!

    From what Rivian has said, customers should never have to go to a service center. Repair techs come to you, and if necessary, they bring your vehicle to a service center. Rivian will eventually advertise “hubs” just like they do with Venice. Right now they have enough orders. They are focused...
  2. virgnia_rivian

    Rivian Rockville, MD Location is Now Open!

    I‘m sure they weren’t expecting forum sleuths to start showing up and nosing around. Honestly, their marketing team should be all over this and making reservation holders and potential new customers welcome. I’m sure this will come with time.
  3. virgnia_rivian

    Rich Rebuilds: How Tesla is failing its most loyal customers

    I had a 2015 Overland. Build quality of that vehicle was not good.
  4. virgnia_rivian

    Rich Rebuilds: How Tesla is failing its most loyal customers

    Was your dash delaminating the recall? I had this start to happen on my '15 Grand Cherokee. I also had to have the hood replaced under the corrosion warranty due to a known defect, but Jeep never issued a recall. When the problem popped up the dealer was well aware of the problem. Plus about...
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    Saw my first Rivian tonight!

    I had to look up the Lordstown since I wasn’t familiar with it. Car and Driver had an article a week ago talking about the vehicle and basically said it was doubtful it would come to market and if it did, it didn’t compete very well against the EV trucks from Rivian, Ford, GM, etc. While they...
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    Rivian Washington DC (Scouting with RJ)

    This is interesting. Curious if this one is under construction.
  7. virgnia_rivian

    12-Hour EV Test in Cold Temps (in a Mach-E)

    He did leave the driveway. He drove around his neighborhood periodically to simulate slowly moving in a traffic jam. But yes, overall he sat and idled for 12hrs. Funny that he tried to keep the heat between 70-75. If I was trying to conserve it would be lower.
  8. virgnia_rivian

    Roof Top Tents- My Pet Peeve

    He's a videographer/photographer. His channel is pretty good. He's lived on the road out of that Jeep for 2-3 years. He does an episode that walks through his Jeep and his full setup.
  9. virgnia_rivian

    Roof Top Tents- My Pet Peeve

    If you’re considering a RTT, check out Drew Simms YouTube channel And his Wrangler with a RTT.
  10. virgnia_rivian

    Richmond Service Center to be open soon

    This pretty much confirms there is no DC or NOVA center right now. Interesting. Also amazing a contractor would have that much knowledge about delivery volume Hopefully we see that lot full of trucks shortly.
  11. virgnia_rivian

    Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    Location. Location. Location. This appears to play a huge factor in delivery timeframes. I’ve seen many people on Rivian trackers with deliveries before me, and others in my area, who ordered after me. At least from what I’ve seen, this appears to be a big factor.
  12. virgnia_rivian

    Drag Races: Rivian R1T vs Ram TRX and Model Y Performance

    As a few have posted, Motortrend did extensive, fairly scientific testing on the R1T. If you haven’t read their review, it’s worth a look.
  13. virgnia_rivian

    Factory production floor - recent look

    Rivian has wrapped a few of their delivery vans that have been seen in the wild. Here’s a news article with a photo. Good to see all of those R1t’s. We should get a clearer picture of ramp up in the next month or two.
  14. virgnia_rivian

    GEAR TUNNEL & PETS -- SAFE? Why or why not??

    Absolutely not. The gear tunnel is not a place to put any live animal while the vehicle is in motion. I see this coming as a warning in the manual or a warning label. I'll also point out that dogs in the bed of a pickup are illegal in some states. And to answer the other OP question, yes my...
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    RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    One thing to keep in mind, we’re only 16 days into the new year, and there was likely some downtime for the holidays. Expect to hear of more real customer deliveries in the next 90 days. It’s not just on here, but across Rivian forums Jan-March delivery windows folks keep asking where their...
  16. virgnia_rivian

    What $70K ICE car would you have gotten ?

    I just got rid of our 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. Quality was not job #1.. or even #50 for that matter. Before putting in a reservation on an R1T we were seriously considering a Rubicon 4xe. My commute is short enough to do it entirely on the electric motor. Priced the way I wanted it...
  17. virgnia_rivian

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    Regarding sound quality, there is a discernible difference between lossless and compressed music if you have a good sound system. Lossless audio is fuller, more depth, it can sound like you’re there. It’s a very similar concept to video compression. (I work in production, so to me I tend to...
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    🗺 Rivian’s Georgia Plant Site Plan Revealed - Includes Trail & Test Track, Delivery Center, 144 Chargers

    I'm thrilled they're adding a delivery center. So I can pick up a new Rivian and then head over to ATL to pick up a new Taycan. ;-) at the Porsche Experience Center.
  19. virgnia_rivian

    Article: Tesla's Cybertruck May Not Actually Happen

    It was reported on multiple news sites that Tesla wiped any reference to a delivery year/timeframe from the Cybertruck page. That's the news. Journalists then drawing their own conclusions is the click bait. But Tesla did scrub their site of any date...
  20. virgnia_rivian

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    I have seen an order tracker on another forum and there are several Limestone R1T's scheduled for delivery in the Feb-May timeframe, so my guess is that we'll finally see it in the next month or so. Limestone is my first choice, but I currently have my R1T configured with El Cap.