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  1. Definitely Watch this Rivian Video

    I'm a fan boy that's about all there is to it. Ford or GM or Tesla could put out a truck that did the same and costs less, and I'd still buy the Rivian because I buy the totality of what they are selling. Ford and GM are just finally bowing to the inevitable, and I don't want anything to do with...
  2. Time to delivery.... if I order now.

    You're an explorer trim, right? Those were the 1H2023 deliveries?
  3. Time to delivery.... if I order now.

    This brings up an interesting question: How are they prioritizing deliveries of recently ordered vehicles. I can't imagine if you order an Adventure today you get prioritized over Explorer and Max Pack preorders, but do you go to the end of the line after all the max packs and explorer trim...
  4. Rivian to ramp up production to 200 a week (per Bloomberg)

    Don't be daft, he's predicting that they will actually regress to ~160 vehicles per week.
  5. Renting a Rivian vehicle

  6. Buy !

    i think a lot people saw this coming. it's the exact same thing Tesla did with the Model 3. of course, if you had never been interested in EVs you probably expected that cheerier version just like you can get a cheaper version of any other ICE vehicle.
  7. Trade-In Process / Experience?

    You literally just made his point for him: You didn't want to deal with selling it yourself.
  8. Roof Top Tents- My Pet Peeve

    You answered that in your post really, they are a trend. They look cool. They say to the outside world "I'm an adventurer, and ready to go at a moment's notice" (even, if like me, you've used the thing 3 times in the 18 months you've owned it) - hell I even have the awning attached to my roof...
  9. Roof Top Tents- My Pet Peeve

    I do not want to even consider the roach motel AirBnB that I could stay in for a year for $1700 (The cost of my RTT) - hell even 40 nights (since that's how many nights a year you camp). They are expensive, but whatever, it's just money.
  10. Drag Races: Rivian R1T vs Ram TRX and Model Y Performance

    But i wear the Next % . . . version 2 even!
  11. DIY PPF precut film for Rivian R1T

    Apologies, clearly my sarcasm didn't translate.
  12. Are these cars just too damn big?

    i think the difference between our use cases if i understand is that you rarely need the 3rd row - with me i rarely need the 2nd row, but when i do i likely need the third as well for the sake of not having the granddaughters bickering about sitting in the middle seat. :) 94% of the time we...
  13. Are these cars just too damn big?

    Totally agree with this, I feel like I'm the sweet spot customer for the R1S - 95% of the time it's my wife and our two medium sized dogs. Plenty of room to haul gear inside, and racks for the kayaks or RTT or whatever. Heck we're both of the size where we could probably just sleep in the back...
  14. New Driver+ demo drive video

  15. DIY PPF precut film for Rivian R1T

    <sarcasm> all the pictures post here of diy installs look awful - Subarumike </sarcasm> ETA: Added tags to make sure folks knew I was trying to make a joke
  16. Rivian Body Design Flaw?

    This isn't a design "flaw" it's a design "decision" Rivian decided the gains in range / aerodynamics outweighed concerns about debris hitting the truck. They also decided that an application of PPF could help reduce the possibility of any paint damage. This vehicle was designed and iterated by...
  17. January/Feb delivery windows

    Fair point on trade ins - I'm not trading a car in, so that wasn't something I considered. On paint choices, they may not like it, but it's of their own making.
  18. January/Feb delivery windows

    While I agree with you, my guess is they are leaning on the 7 day return window to cover those bases. "you don't need to see it beforehand, since you can just return it if you don't like it"
  19. I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    Or you just pull the bluetooth speaker out of the truck . . . .