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  1. Longhorngirl

    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities (Pics & Updates)

    I hope that truck driver can see where he is going. That compass yellow’s rear wheels are right in his face.
  2. Longhorngirl

    Rivian to ramp up production to 200 a week (per Bloomberg)

    Here is the number of Model 3s produced per quarter from wiki. If you look at the full first quarter, 2017 Q4, about 40 vehicles were produced each week. The next quarter about 163 vehicles per week. In the third full quarter, 476 vehicles were produced per week. This chart obviously doesn’t...
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    Introductions! Drop in and say hello new and old members...

    Welcome to the forum Bilbo. Below is a link you may find helpful in estimating when you will receive your R1T. Forum member @Craigins created this. Thanks Craigins! If you ordered six months ago, your estimated delivery date is most likely the second half of 2023...
  4. Longhorngirl

    Manchin returns to the negotiating table

    Yeah. I agree. For those of us with deliveries expected this year, we are safe. My delivery date is July-September 2022. And just in case my date gets pushed back into 2023 because of omicron, it is expected that the Republicans take back the House and Senate during the midterms. There...
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    Manchin returns to the negotiating table

    Correct. No change yet. I believe Manchin is no longer at the negotiating table. The last I heard, they are going to try and break BBB into smaller bills and see what they can get passed individually.
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    Ford is Working with ADT to Launch a Vehicle Security System - Canopy

    I would hope if you are out in the woods, the camera system could still be monitored. In the backwoods, you have to worry about bears opening your car door and climbing inside.
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    Texas Roll Call

    I called CS just now to ask if the employees who recently had their R1T delivered in Houston would allow us to check out their cars. I placed an order August 2020 and have yet to see one in person. When I asked CS about more First Mile events and test drives, she said that they are...
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    "day one" of "not a good day" for $RIVN

    As of close of market today, market cap of LCID is greater than RIVN.
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    Ford is Working with ADT to Launch a Vehicle Security System - Canopy

    I like gear guard, but I like the idea of catching people damaging or breaking into your vehicle in real time even better.
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    GEAR TUNNEL & PETS -- SAFE? Why or why not??

    Actually, this mother did just that and put her kid in a trunk because he fit. Apparently, the kid was covid positive, so she got the “bright” idea to quarantine him in the trunk. :swear:
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    GEAR TUNNEL & PETS -- SAFE? Why or why not??

    Yes. Teddy knows that he has to be buckled in.
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    Which furry friend will be riding in your Rivian?

    Getting this thread back on the radar. For all the new members to the forum, please post pics of your furry friends that will be joining you on your adventures in your Rivian.
  13. Longhorngirl

    Share Your Charging Horror Stories

    Thanks DuckTruck! But don’t thank me. Thanks to everyone who has responded with a charging story. It has been very entertaining reading all the posts. Thanks guys!
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    R1S delivery window

    Whoops. Sorry. I don’t want to be the disseminator of fake news! It is a hope that the estimator is interactive.
  15. Longhorngirl

    R1S delivery window

    I believe we will be getting a notification soon telling us when the delivery date estimator will be available on the configuration site. It will be interesting to play with the delivery date estimator and change our configurations to see how it affects our delivery window.
  16. Longhorngirl

    LA SILVER Rivian Club

    More pics of the silver R1S. The angle of the first pic makes the R1S look very similar to the Range Rover Sport. I am surprised no one has posted any interior pics of this R1S on social media. I guess Gear Guard is successfully scaring people off of getting too close to take interior photos?
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    Share Your Charging Horror Stories

    I agree. There is a lot of EV hate. I have seen numerous videos posted by Tesla owners showing random people keying their cars for no reason whatsoever. Our Rivians are definitely going to stick out, and I expect it to attract the eye of a lot of EV haters. I am considering adding PPF in the...
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    Share Your Charging Horror Stories

    For those of y‘all who are already EV owners, do y’all have any EV charging horror stories(ICE cars parked at charging station, EV fully charged but still parked at charger, chargers not working and have to move car multiple times to find working charger) If so, please share. I will be a first...
  19. Longhorngirl

    Rivian E-Bike aspirations revealed by trademark filing?

    Please don’t your dog In a dryer! ;)