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  1. Rivian to ramp up production to 200 a week (per Bloomberg)

    My best guess is that they are re-designing the seating configuration to allow for an extended range battery pack with 3-rows. There as an update from Rivian awhile back that they made the change based on overwhelming customer feedback. I would still give them the benefit of the doubt regarding...
  2. Rivian's Future Georgia Neighbors Aren't Thrilled

    lots of high paying jobs coming to the area, unlike a $15/hr Amazon fulfillment job... I totally understand not wanting having a factory as a neighbor, but of all the factories, a high paying one is really a win for the region.
  3. Rivian to ramp up production to 200 a week (per Bloomberg)

    Love that they literally produced 2 "production" R1Ss in 2021 and sold them to the CEO and CFO.... but in the article they say that the R1S is still working through prototyping..... Not loving that news. But if they're ramping the R1T, that's still progress in the right direction.
  4. Are these cars just too damn big?

    Ford Explorer: 199″ L x 79″ W x 70″ H Rivian R1S: 201" L x 82" W x 77" H (max suspension) So 2 inches wider and 3 inches longer than one of the most popular 3 row SUVs isn't a deal breaker. Sure, would it have been great if they could've been a couple inches more narrow or shorter, yeah. But...
  5. RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    So does he drive his R1T from Irvine to Normal? Kidding, he probably has one at both places
  6. I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    I am also interested to know if you can play music via usb-c from your phone as an alternative to bluetooth. I'm hoping that we'd have that option because it should retain the high fidelity of the audio. My guess is that if this is supported only one or 2 ports might support this (if any) So...
  7. Rivian teams up with Adopt a Charger to install FREE chargers at state and national parks

    It's going to be confusing to non-rivian owners to see waypoints that aren't free when some are.... But it's nice to see some free charging options.
  8. F-150 Lightning announced pricing pushing buyers to Rivian

    Anybody remember Fisker. I wonder what happened to the original Fisker cars when the company folded years back. I don't think there was much warranty support of any kind.
  9. Rivian Stock Tumbles after Amazon announces Stellantis Van Deal

    I don't think this deal will change Rivian's ability to operate or deliver vehicles. It's just bad for shareholders. Rivian can make up ground, in time by delivering a superior product and getting repeat orders and more customers for their commercial vans. The stock will be bumpy based on the...
  10. F-150 Lightning announced pricing pushing buyers to Rivian

    People will buy Ford's F150 because of the brand. No question. People pay more for Mercedes because of the brand. the F150, specifically is one of the top 2 truck brands. People will pay a price premium rather than face the loss of "prestige" with an unknown brand or 2nd tier brand like Honda...
  11. Rivian and features being sold "cars-as-a-service"?

    WAIT are maps not stored locally and they rely on an active data connection? that's actually a major bummer and strange for a car that is intended to be used in the wilderness w/o reliable connectivity...
  12. Wallbox Quasar 2 bidirectional V2H CCS-combo DC charger announced, turns EVs into huge Powerwall

    anybody know what additional electrical work is required to allow V2H charging? I am assuming there needs to be some sort of cut-off from the grid so your car doesn't also power your neighbors' homes...
  13. Early criticism? Vote

    My main issue is with the rear lights. The turn signals are too small, imo. And the light bar just seems kind of flat and boring. I get that it matches the front. But the whole package looks darn nice and it kind of looks retro-futuristic with the ultra boxy rear and stadium headlights in the...
  14. Tesla Owner Blows Up His Model S

    Well, if Rivian actually cares about preserving the environment, they're going to have to figure out how to keep their vehicles on the road longer than the usable battery life of 7 years. But hey, they have 7 years to figure out how to make a cheaper replacement battery, haha.
  15. Will R1 preorders delivered in mid-2023 be materially different?

    Yeah, they already announced a small and max battery pack option that is not currently available. They also mentioned a removable roof for the R1T. If those things aren't released by 2023, I'd be surprised. out of curiosity, I did a google search for Model S updates over the years... there were...
  16. Anyone still waiting on delivery window estimate?

    Honestly, I'd give CS some credit. They're typically the last to hear about operational updates. They were almost spot on with their estimate about delivery window emails being sent out on the 27th and 28th.... The first delivery emails went out on the 28th instead of the 27th. So If it arrives...
  17. Anyone still waiting on delivery window estimate?

    Did you check with CS to see if they had an update? Maybe Rivian thought you were a reseller since most households don’t buy 3 nearly identical cars at the same time. They may just be waiting for extra verification or something
  18. Will R1 preorders delivered in mid-2023 be materially different?

    In 2 years, there will certainly be revised parts, some for better reliability, some for cost savings. There will also be newer features like different battery sizes, for sure
  19. Anyone buying the $500 Rivian Wall Charger?

    For me, I have to pay an electrician to pull wires for a dedicated 240V circuit in the garage. the cost to install a hardwired solution at that point would be nominal. So For the extra $500, I get 35% faster charging and a cleaner look. I think that's worth it.