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  1. R1S going the way of "The Maxpak"

    The lack of any updates on the R1S (like finalized interior photos to start with) has me concerned that the March->April dates are very likely to slip (and cascade to those of us behind in line).
  2. New Driver+ demo drive video

    I wonder why, as the passing vehicle in the blind spot pulls level with the truck, remains invisible on the display UNTIL it is completely ahead and it just kind of "pops up" in the UI. It would have been cool to include the animation of the passing vehicle from the time its detected in the...
  3. R1S models and value

    I agree that $6K for an upgraded audio system and cosmetic changes is a lot. I am quite surprised that Rivian did not differentiate these two trims a bit more. That said, I am highly skeptical that Rivian can stick to the dates that they have been sending out (LE, July-Sept for me which I fully...
  4. Rivian produced 1,015 vehicles total in 2021!

    They are not too far off their projected 1200 produced vehicles. That is a positive sign.
  5. Power vents

    I must be a minority here because I rarely fiddle with the vents. They are set once and I rarely touch them. I can't remember the last time I needed to adjust them. Both me and my wife have fairly different seating positions configured so where ever they currently point, seems to work for us...
  6. R1S delivery window

    July-Sept 2022 (Pre-order: Nov 2020) R1S LE, El cap, 22" wheels Maryland I am not confident that Rivian will meet this date. Given the folks (especially the early pre-order holders) that are now going to switch from max pack and explorer trims to adventure/large, I would be very surprised if...
  7. R1S changes / improvements from 2023 and on?

    Given the backlog they have to fill in '22 and '23, I highly doubt any functional HW changes will be coming. I expect that they will improve some of the parts based on what they learn during the initial manufacturing builds to improve the manufacturability and try to address some parts that show...
  8. Rivian R1T UI (User Interface) Intro by Owner - VIDEO

    Great to see that the UI has become snappy - was worried based on the first mile reviews of lags and such. The front camera looks great too (and rsymons first mile drive shows it in action). Thanks for sharing!
  9. Who is building the motors?

    Any idea where these are being sourced from? I thought I read somewhere that these were Bosch built but can't find it. Ran across marketing material for Bosch's eaxle ( which got me wondering if these are what Rivian...
  10. Tax Credit Proposal - House Bill 11/3

    Its been discussed before but I highly doubt that there are folks that don't have atleast 7500 in federal tax that are looking to buy a 80K vehicle. Remember the $7500 credit is on your overall tax for the year; that includes tax withheld with wages for example. The $7500 credit is a big deal...
  11. Many Launch Edition R1T spotted on transport!

    If these are customer deliveries, Rivian should really look into plastic wrapping them to protect them from chips enroute.
  12. So who is in the DMV Area

    Given that you would have been waiting for over 3 years either way, best to get what you really want :)
  13. R1Ts in Washington DC

    Rivian could have organized some test drives for us DMV folks while they were out here. Just saying :)
  14. Factory 22" Wheels on R1T Rivian - finally a real life look

    I love the look of the 22" wheels and have that on my configuration currently (LE R1S). However, the more I read about everyone raving about the 20", the more I am worried I am making a mistake here. Here in Maryland, we do get our fair share of rain and some light snow so I think the 22" AS...
  15. Compute capability

    I am not sure that this implies that MCU and HW need an upgrade for this. The s1 states - " Software Enabled Services. We assume the LTR opportunity from software to be $15,500. This is comprised of autonomous driving capabilities of $10,000, and a monthly subscription plan for...
  16. Compute capability

    Does anyone have insights into what Rivian is using to power their MCU and Driver+ modules and what embedded OS they built their UI on? As I read about the "laggy" behavior of the maps, I am starting to wonder if this is all SW (still being ironed out) or whether there is an underlying HW...