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  1. European Charging maps

    Thought it might be interesting to collect charging maps from other countries. Please feel free to add or update. Found this map of Swiss EV charging sites while researching the Swiss Grand tour. They claim: The E-Grand Tour of Switzerland is the world's first road trip for electric vehicles...
  2. 🗺 Rivian’s Georgia Plant Site Plan Revealed - Includes Trail & Test Track, Delivery Center, 144 Chargers

    Anyone overlay the FEMA flood zone risk? Also wonder about hurricane hazard. (Here in Illinois we just worry 'bout tornadoes, currently....😐)
  3. First Time EV Buyers: Battery Size and Charging Apprehensions

    Wondering if you could expand on your statement regarding precondtioining-or point me to a website or two that explains this. Thinking ahead to when a household might have two or more EV's-does it make sense to consider the 100 amp option? Thanks Bob PS As background-in metro Chicago(cold!)...
  4. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    R1T-ordered Sept 2019-Chicago No email-chatted with customer service just now-the reply: You have the Explore package. Everyone with the Explore or Adventure package will get an email by the end of this year with an updated delivery window!