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  1. R1s Max Pack timing

    I actually just asked CS about the "max pack" R1S the other day. They pretty much said they have no idea when an announcement will be made with details or when it'll be available because they are still doing testing on it. So they pretty much didn't confirm much of anything besides that it's...
  2. Rivian teams up with Adopt a Charger to install FREE chargers at state and national parks

    Who's paying for the charging? Is Rivian going to forever just pay for everyone's charging?
  3. Yet Another New Entrant - Thundertruck

    Lol looks like a big ATV TBH. Cybertruck imposter much? Haha
  4. Beginners' guide to EV charging?

    I guess I'll find out if I ever get the S we preordered lol. Already have a 14-50 for my Tesla. I'm assuming you can control amps from the screen? Not that it matters tho since the mobile charger maxs at 32A anyway.
  5. Beginners' guide to EV charging?

    oOOooo if you're on a fixed rate, NEMA 14-50 would've been the better way to go, financial wise. Install is install no matter the wall charger or the NEMA 14-50, and then the wall charger is going to be extra after that (to purchase the unit). But, the wall charger does look nice. No...
  6. Beginners' guide to EV charging?

    It's really all about time. If you have a long TOU (time of use) rate through your utility company, it really doesn't matter. A 50A breaker is fine because putting in a NEMA 14-50 will be cheaper than a wall charger. Sure, it'll charge slower 15MPH vs 25MPH, but who cares when the car is just...
  7. Real world figures - How fast can they charge from 0-80%?

    Already have this question out to @Iwantatesla over on Reddit. I think once he gets a chance he'll share what kind of charging curve the car gets
  8. Possibly first R1S delivered (probably to an employee)

    Actually RJ and the CFO Claire :P
  9. Possibly first R1S delivered (probably to an employee)

    Can any of you sloths figure out who's this is???
  10. Breaking: White House releases plan to build nationwide network of 500,000 EV chargers

    Any idea how many of those will be DC fast chargers? Hoping all of them? That would really help in the future as we have so many level 2 chargers already, that building more is kinda whatever at this point.
  11. Is There Going to Be a Second Mile Event For R1S?

    Haha, "Second Mile Event," nice! Let's hope we hear more info this month about the R1S. I'd like to hear how big the battery pack is on the "longer range" R1S and what the range is.
  12. Any reason to buy the 5 seater instead of 7 seater R1S?

    Only other thing I can think of is range. We'll have to see what the "longer range" R1S brings. If that variant is available in 7 seats, and there's not 2 different longer range variants dependent on 5 or 7 seats (7 seater being the shorter "longer range" variant), then yeah, no reason not to...
  13. KIA EV9 Concept Reveal

    Newb question...can you enlighten me on Kia/H battery tech? What specs do they have that makes it better than Rivian's? The chemistry? Charging speed?
  14. New Website Launched + Gear Shop!

    Mannnnn me too. Or the electricity bolt in a men's size
  15. Seattle First Mile Event -- FULL?!

    I saw over on the Reddit sub that I don't think the Seattle event, so far anyway, is the same "First Mile" event like Sonoma/Normal/NY. The guy over there showed a screen shot of a mobile drive. The one where the guide comes to your house with the R1T and lets you test drive for 45 mins...
  16. Max charging speed

    It's probably cause all the employee's that have the truck are under an NDA not to say anything anyway, if they even have social media. Maybe this is a slip by this employee, but he said he was getting 110kW at 60-70% when he was charging. Not bad. And we don't know if the EA station was even...
  17. New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    I really hope so. These trucks and SUV's are so cool, but if nobody can drive them, it's no fun!
  18. New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    We've got an R1S on order, but we want the max pack that's not even out yet. Probably safe to say we're not getting that until 2024 at this point lol. And I'm including all the pre orders that back out, moving me up the line haha. Gonna be forever.
  19. Ford F-150 Lightning Range is 469 miles

    I think MKBHD talked about this in a video, basically said the same thing. And then it was proved wrong. I'm also of the side that if the Lightning had that much range, Ford would've said so. There's no way they'd hold back that much range from the public.
  20. Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    Yeah wouldn't surprise me. They probably have some NDA or whatever to not answer the question.