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  1. shamoo

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    Agree, but I'm still curious. I like all my vehicles to be pretty fast/powerful so I'm interested in knowing when power drops off. If it drops off at 60mph, I'm more concerned than if it were to drop off at 120mph. For the latter, I don't care as much lols. Being able to accelerate at speed...
  2. shamoo

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    I don't think it has been asked before, but what is the acceleration like AFTER 80mph or so? A lot of EVs (outside of the Plaid or crazy ones like the Rimac) run out of steam after the initial 0-60 or 80mph. The refresh 2021-2022 Model S (non-Plaid) solves for this, but curious how the Rivian...
  3. shamoo

    Tailgate Bike Rack Patent

    If you're carrying bikes, I'd assume you'd be more cautious/smooth while driving. So whether it is a hitch, roof rack, or this new thing, "driving around in rally mode" probably wouldn't be a good idea. :P
  4. shamoo

    What's so $pecial About "Rivian Blue"

    Well there are colors which are free and some which are optioned at $4K. Then you have PTS (Paint to Sample) colors which are usually an option of ANY color that was available in prior years, even very old. PTS is about $12K. Was $10K when I bought mine (no I didn't get it). Then there's an...
  5. shamoo

    California Roll Call!

    Late order, unfortunately. Ordered: 1/2/2022 Location: Irvine Vehicle Type: R1S Color: Rivian Blue Interior: Black Mountain Wheels: 22" Sport Bright Wheels Other Configuration Details: Adventure Package, Large pack, 5 seats, Off-road package Debating on changing to 7 seats based on what I've...
  6. shamoo

    Videos: Rivian Driving in Snow - Night & Daytime

    I definitely don't have anything bad to say about Rivian, and the fact that it is a big truck with high ground clearance probably would put my Accord to shame. Maybe I should have compared it to a general AWD SUV which my Accord + snow tires can run circles around. :P Bad comparison on my...
  7. shamoo

    Videos: Rivian Driving in Snow - Night & Daytime

    I don't recall what model Pirelli tires are on it, but I can't imagine it is a dedicated winter/snow tire. Probably some sort of more aggressive all season/all terrain, which is an "I can do everything somewhat okay" sort of tire. If you're driving in just small amounts of snow, the "all...
  8. shamoo

    Tesla model Y in the snow

    Exactly. People who live in snowy conditions should look into better tires. Tires make all the difference. An "all season" is a jack of all trades, master of none. Yes, it is better than nothing but if you get a lot of snow/ice, then you'll want a dedicated snow/winter tire. Good snow tires...
  9. shamoo

    What does 800 hp feel like?

    Like any other 800hp vehicle on snow covered roads. :P Lots of spinning tires. Toss some dedicated snow/winter tires on a 4x4/AWD vehicle in the snow and it'll be a beast. Will still spin if you want it to.
  10. shamoo

    What does 800 hp feel like?

    As someone who owns/driven a number of fast cars, I can say that power delivery is very different depending on the vehicle. As you know the Rivian or any newer EV is very heavy so whether it is 500, 800, or 1000hp, you'll need a lot of power to get it moving. Stated figures are 3.0 seconds...
  11. shamoo

    Videos: Rivian Driving in Snow - Night & Daytime

    I don't want to diminish anyone's excitement, but that road doesn't look too difficult to manage if you have any good vehicle with snow tires. Lots of folks don't realize how good a set of dedicated winter tires are vs. all seasons or summer performance tires. I have a FWD Honda Accord with...