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  1. pinolero

    🗺 Rivian’s Georgia Plant Site Plan Revealed - Includes Trail & Test Track, Delivery Center, 144 Chargers

    It's about an hour or so from ATL so not too bad for being out in the boondocks.
  2. pinolero

    Buy !

    It's dropping like a rock. May wait a little longer to buy more and be in a deeper hole than I am now.
  3. pinolero

    Ford dealers nearly doubling price of F-150 Lightning with ‘market adjustments’

    From another board, seems like that's their M.O. Mudpie said: Stay away from Koons Ford, Falls Church, VA or any of their locations; in my opinion. We found a Bronco Sport First Edition and drove 1.5 hours to test drive and buy it. We spoke to the dealership several times and asked about the...
  4. pinolero

    Any reason to buy the 5 seater instead of 7 seater R1S?

    Thanks for this info. I was on the fence about what benefits the 5 seater would have over the 7 seater. On their website they stated extra space but will stick with the 7 and duplicate what I already have in my daily driver.
  5. pinolero

    "day one" of "not a good day" for $RIVN

    I agree, purchasing some more looks like I'm in the negative now but hey it's only been a few weeks.
  6. pinolero

    New CarPlay Support Email?

    I'll just miss the Waze integration via CP. I use that regularly just for heads up warnings along my route.