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  1. Cybertruck photo leaked! 📸

    My biggest hesitation with this truck has always been the size and it looks like they tamed it a bit. I personally prefer the styling over the Rivian but am getting tired of Tesla gimmicks like the yoke and no door handles.
  2. Rivian R1T charging curve test 20-80% [by TFL]

    Thanks Tommy! I've been waiting years to see this exact data and your approach was articulate and easy to understand. Was literally pulling my hair out reading the Motortrend coverage, but you guys delivered.
  3. Tire Plans Dashed

  4. Tire Plans Dashed

    Can you point me to some 20" all season tires that meet the necessary load rating?
  5. Tire Plans Dashed

    Checked out Tirerack's offerings for the R1T and was a bit surprised by what I saw: -The OEM 21" tires are the only size currently offered as mentioned but they are pretty poorly rated, similar to our Model Y all seasons that are more or less hockey pucks in the snow -The OEM 20" are very well...
  6. Lack of Android Auto / Waze is a reason to cancel

    I hear ya regarding Google jank but generally anytime I've ever had a problem it's always been resolved (for me) by rebooting the phone. Eventually I started having connectivity issues, and it turned out to be my phone's well-worn USB port, fixed with a replacement. Can't speak to using a wake...
  7. Lack of Android Auto / Waze is a reason to cancel

    Normally don't bother arguing with people but, come on. Is this a real comment from a real person? On another note, our Tesla's bluetooth integration started great but has been "updated" to garbage. It has been notifying us of text messages that are a year old. Stopped allowing us to dictate...
  8. Did you cancel your Lightning reservation?

    I'm cancelling mine. Spending 80 grand for that interior quality and exterior styling is a joke. Anyone who needs the "work truck" capabilities would be FAR BETTER OFF just getting the hybrid F-150.
  9. NA Truck of the Year Finalists: Rivian R1T vs Ford Maverick Side by Side

    The Maverick is an excellent product as it's basically a truck with all the BS testosterone removed. Everything right-sized and right-priced for 90% of truck buyers actual needs. I am personally split between buying the R1T vs buying a Maverick AND Miata for the same money.
  10. Garage Door Opener, Tailwind

    Got this to avoid buying the Tesla Homelink. Ours works like crap. I got tired of fixing it and went back to using the clicker. Ymmv.
  11. 2022 F150 Lightning Pricing Revealed ⚡️

    I have a first 10K reservation with a dealer that has confirmed they will not be adding a markup. I was drawn by the initial low price and the onboard power but the final design and pricing are really not appealing IMO. Yes you get a dealer network but the ugly aero wheels, awkwardly low ground...
  12. Sunroof with variable light control

    My problem with glass roofs is that OEMs tint them too dark to be useful. You end up with a cabin barely brighter than a metal roof but with added solar gain in the summer, reduced insulation in the winter, and more sound reflection year round. Early Model 3s had superior coatings where it was...
  13. R1S launch edition - can a removable roof be added later when available?

    I'm willing to bet the removable roof is several years away at best, despite what the website says.
  14. Cybertruck Quad-Motor & Crab Walk Feature Announced by Elon Musk

    I think there's definitely plenty of marketshare for both trucks and that each will end up being more than a little different than buyers expect. For Rivian, I think people who currently have a Tesla and are used to certain quality of life refinements that Rivian has been kind of quiet about...
  15. Porsche Whistleblower: “60% of all delivered Taycan have battery issues that caused replacements, damages and fires”

    Will be very unsettling if true, especially in combination with the recent widespread issues with the Bolt and Kona EV. Tesla may get a lot of crap about their build quality, but they seem to stand alone in having (painfully) ironed out the kinks and demonstrated they can build solid EV...
  16. Apple CarPlay and Android for R1T / R1S?

    The more clarity we get on the EV truck race, the more I really respect some of the decisions being made at Ford. Their inverter tech is the best, by far. In my opinion, if you're living with the limitations of current battery tech, you should be able to leverage that battery any way you want...
  17. 20" Rivian Dark Wheels Roll Off the Line

    I've always wanted to switch up my Giulia's dark five holes to something with more pop. What color plastidip is this?
  18. Skeptical Of Rivian's Prices

    I have said since the R1T and R1S prices were revealed that despite the vehicles being obviously quite expensive, they are actually a an amazing value when you consider what you're getting and what you're competing against. Unfortunately I am personally becoming less and less convinced that...
  19. Tesla Fans!

    As an enthusiast, I can attest that Tesla as a whole is a very challenging thing to wrap your head around. My vehicle is currently an Alfa Romeo, and I adore the paint, the seats, the shift paddles, etc. Getting a Model Y for the wife, I've found the value proposition to be pretty different from...
  20. Which Manufacture will put 10K Pick-ups in Customers hand First?

    My money is on Ford. They have worked out a bunch of the kinks on the Mach-E, which has been an amazingly impressive first effort. They have also been smart enough to use every inch of an existing F-150 they can, so the risk is very low for high volume. IMO, Rivian has not delivered anything...