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  1. cmiller

    Rivian to ramp up production to 200 a week (per Bloomberg)

    Sweet. That means I will get my rivian by 2030
  2. cmiller

    GM Warns Dealers: NO Silverado EV Dealer Markups or Lose Your Allocation

    I am sure there will be a bunch of dealers that will try to call ford's and GMs bluff. Will be funny when their allocations are taken away leading to a ton of loss profit.
  3. cmiller

    GEAR TUNNEL & PETS -- SAFE? Why or why not??

    No it's not a place for animals. The amount of times I had to stop quickly and if my dog wasn't harnessed in he would go flying. I can't imagine it being safe in the gear tunnel
  4. cmiller

    Are these cars just too damn big?

    I have a bronco on 35s and it's pretty much the same size except the rivian is longer so I'm good
  5. cmiller

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    The large pack will probably be enough for me then considering I don't plan on keeping the truck forever and will get something new when EV range gets better. Although I don't agree with the guy saying he put his dog in the gear tunnel to contain her fur.
  6. cmiller

    DIY PPF precut film for Rivian R1T

    I am guessing that you are probably terrible at it, but that doesn't mean everyone is. Why spend all that extra money if someone is perfectly capable of doing it themselves and it looks good? Doing a small area is not that difficult.
  7. cmiller

    RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    Oh I know it won't change anything, but that's the best part of a forum Is that people can state their opinions and this is mine. If you don't like it, well I am guessing you know what I will say in that regard. Either way I am hoping they hit some milestones this year
  8. cmiller

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    240-250 w/ all terrain in winter. Not bad. Considering I am in CT we don't have a ton of really cold days like other areas so if I can get that range I would be happy
  9. cmiller

    RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    I don't care. Get back to me when they don't have large backers like amazon and ford then I will expect less
  10. cmiller

    Real World Range Numbers – From R1T Owners

    I am wondering what real world mileage will be in <30 degree weather. Sure I can look online for examples, but depending on the car, company etc. it's all different from 15-40% less. Considering I want the all terrain tires I am already looking at 10-15% less range
  11. cmiller

    RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    I could care less that they are a startup. I wouldn't care if it was a well known company. Hell, Ford has been around for a long time and I just went through the same crap with missing deadlines with my bronco. It honestly means jack to me. It's not about people wanting their rivian "now"...
  12. cmiller

    Rivian Body Design Flaw?

    that's nothing compared to what my bronco kicks up. If it's that big of a problem I am sure someone will come out with mud flaps
  13. cmiller

    RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    I wouldn't exactly count asking your kids what their favorite color is as any kind of relevant info when it comes to rivian. He threw some scraps out so that the fanboys would eat it up. It was a nice touch to involve his kids though so that he seems more relatable. Smart move. it's just not a...
  14. cmiller

    RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    Feel like this video is just a PR stunt. I want rivian to be successful, but I will need more than a short video as proof they are moving forward
  15. cmiller

    RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    can't wait to have one in 2030
  16. cmiller

    Real World Range Numbers – From R1T Owners

    I'm curios to se i was just reading an article where they said Kia and Hyundai so the same thing as rivian and this is what rivian said about not having a heat pump "The R1 vehicles are designed with active battery heating achieved through power electronics in the system, essentially...
  17. cmiller

    Intellidash+ for Carplay/Android support

    There are tons of different ones like this on amazon. Too bad rivian doesn't as a device rail like you can get in the bronco
  18. cmiller

    Do you think Rivian should only have one battery pack? (Large Pack)

    max pack should be the only option
  19. cmiller

    🗺 Rivian’s Georgia Plant Site Plan Revealed - Includes Trail & Test Track, Delivery Center, 144 Chargers

    glad they are pushing forward and hope we keep seeing good signs from rivian. It will be good to have more EV competition out there.
  20. cmiller

    Rants and Raves after 2 months of Rivian R1T ownership [DISCLAIMER: Unauthorized feedback from non-owner]

    Think people are just saying don't call them customer deliveries if they are being used to test and not full customer released versions. Have you ever beta tested anything because companies don't count the hardware and advertise that hardware that is being beta tested as customer delivers. I...