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  1. OverZealous

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    That's honestly amazing. If you are seeing 250miles @ 90% in cold weather, even if we assume only a 10% loss for cold weather, that would mean you'd easily be getting 305-310 miles of range on those ATs. This definitely makes me feel better about switching to the "large" pack and keeping the...
  2. OverZealous

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    No worries! Just a fan in Louisville, desperate for some of that pure, uncut Rivian. 😁
  3. OverZealous

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Where?? Do you think it was a local owner, or someone driving through?
  4. OverZealous

    Rich Rebuilds: How Tesla is failing its most loyal customers

    You should probably never use the manufacturer (or dealer) for something simple like tire rotation. When I got my Tesla, they immediately recommended someone local for tire maintenance (shout out to Kaiser Auto in Middletown Kentucky!). Our guy never even charges us for tire rotation, which has...
  5. OverZealous

    Rich Rebuilds: How Tesla is failing its most loyal customers

    I'm in the exact same boat with my 2015 Model S. I spent so much time telling everyone how great they are, and how much fun they are to drive, and how it's soooo much less maintenance than a regular car. 6 years later, I just sit and wait for the next absurd failure. Then I get to play games...
  6. OverZealous

    How Rivian R1T and R1S Used Unreal Engine For State of The Art HMI Development

    That video was a treat for team yellow. Also both exciting to see the Driver+ UI work being done and hearing that they have a lot of updates planned.
  7. OverZealous

    can the crossbars be configured for long items without hitting the roof

    I had the same concern. Like you, I don't think it'll work without hitting the spoiler, but I'm still hopeful. However, even if it doesn't work, you can get a hitch extender for relatively cheap (cheaper than the cross-bars), which drastically expands the usability of the vehicle. That one can...
  8. OverZealous

    Rivian R1T charging curve test 20-80% [by TFL]

    I agree, this charging performance is not encouraging. We really wanted to replace our Model S 85D (we only get ~250 miles of range these days) for long trips, but between the max pack being suspended and the charging being so much slower, it doesn't sound like this is going to be an improvement...
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    Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    Did you order the max pack? Because Almost all R1T w/ Adventure and the (standard) large pack are getting delivery dates in 2022, including much later, non-LE orders. On the other hand, every single R1T with a max pack was pushed to 2023, and given really vague 1st/2nd-half windows.
  10. OverZealous

    New Driver+ demo drive video

    Yeah, having had a Tesla with AP1 for about 6 years now, I can't imagine taking long trips without basic lane keeping & adaptive cruise ever again. Everything about driving is more pleasant—I get to see more scenery, interact with my wife & daughter more, and even traffic jams are just a minor...
  11. OverZealous

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    On the website, they describe it as an upgraded battery shield. I think the basic shield is plastic (though I hope I'm wrong, Tesla uses a titanium shield on the Model S), while the upgraded one is supposedly carbon fiber. I'd still like more exact details on this, because $2000 is a lot of...
  12. OverZealous

    Change Alexa wake word?

    Not sure if this helps, but the left scroll-wheel button on the wheel activates Alexa without using the wake word—so you could just press that and say your command, no need to say "Alexa" ever. I would personally prefer the physical in most situations, but I'm also a little paranoid and can't...
  13. OverZealous

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    That's a great idea. I like the idea of having many 30-60s short videos showcasing specific features. They don't even need to be "produced", just film them on a phone camera.
  14. OverZealous

    Bollinger suspends B1/B2 passenger vehicles indefinitely

    Doubt they'll be around much longer at all, then. :confused: In all this time, I guess they couldn't figure out how to produce a rectangle with bolted-on flat panels, flat glass, and no user conveniences or airbags. I mean, that does seem hard when your target price is (check's notes) a measly...
  15. OverZealous

    Dimensions of storage spaces

    I don't entirely agree. There's more nuance to this. I have a 3-row Acadia right now, that I can fit 4x8 sheets in (width-wise). The Acadia, with only 2 passengers, is still only 6.5' long inside to the front seats. So to get anything longer, you need the tailgate up, which is not a nice...
  16. OverZealous

    Dimensions of storage spaces

    I hear you, but I don’t think that it’s going to be realistic to get 20 years out of a first-run premium/luxury vehicle from a new company. I only say this as someone who planned on driving a Model S until it fell apart, only to realize that luxury vehicles have a lot more points of failure...
  17. OverZealous

    Dimensions of storage spaces

    It appears the wheel humps are either under the bed overhang, or barely wider (and there's 3" to spare from the 51" spec). If I ever get invited to an event, I'm definitely bringing a tape measure. While I know the primary use case these vehicles are designed for is not lumber, it's really the...
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    Matching Speaker Grills now?

    The "look book" is what they call your rendered photos when you preorder. It's under your Rivian account, on each preorder vehicle page.
  19. OverZealous

    Dimensions of storage spaces

    I’m pretty sure the R1T is 51” between the wheels. If you look at the pics, and the website, it definitely shows everything as between the wheels. If nothing else, it’s probably 48” between wheels, since they specifically say a sheet of plywood:
  20. OverZealous

    Rivian Signs 7-Year Lease for Large Louisville-Area Warehouse

    Oh yeah, I have incredibly low expectations of the company now. Our rangers have always been fantastic and taken great care of us. But the company is pretty crap at this point. What I was referring to was having to spend $400-500 every time I have to have the stupid car hauled up to Cincinnati...