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    LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    I mean, don't we all have a few misaligned body panels?
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    Rivian's Future Georgia Neighbors Aren't Thrilled

    " Gov. Brian Kemp called it the largest economic-development project in state history. " That's about all you need to know. I sympathize with the locals, but they're fighting a virtually impossible battle, regardless of the platform they use.
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    Manchin returns to the negotiating table

    From a personal standpoint, with my other financial commitments, an R1T is on the cusp of being irresponsible; I say that as a bit of a fiscal conservative. I'm not one to be frivolous, however I am willing to spend money to have something I really want; material, experiential or both as is the...
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    Renting a Rivian vehicle

    In all seriousness, out of all the members of this forum, there is one non-employee vehicle floating around, to my knowledge. There have only been 1000 +/- produced and delivered, with the vast majority of those going to employees on an early release. I would be willing to bet a sack full of...
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    Cancelling R1T Preorder - Reasons

    TFL towed 8100lbs from Boulder to Frisco with Chad's R1T, about 85 miles with a steep mountain in the middle, and went from 99% to "mid-teens" SoC. I'm hoping they post the Ike Gauntlet video soon. This seems like an extreme case and, while towing with an EV might still be masochistic, I'd be...
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    I feel like I speak for the group - thank you for the content! It's great to have some real first-hand, non-employee owner feedback!!
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    Manchin returns to the negotiating table

    FWIW, if there's no EV credit, I'm not buying an R1T - maybe a different EV, but not a Rivian, sadly.
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    Cancelling R1T Preorder - Reasons

    This made-to-order issue is not unique to Rivian or even the auto industry. Construction equipment, material handling equipment, trailers, spools of copper wire - I could go on. This situation is less about manufacturers wanting to control the market and more about lack of supply of everything...
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    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities (Pics & Updates)

    I dunno, if you squint real hard, it sort of has a fun art deco-y industrial vibe. 🙃
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    Rich Rebuilds: How Tesla is failing its most loyal customers

    Seems like a confluence of a bunch of factors, but growing to quickly being the main culprit. I can also see where this leaves room to make a case for *gasp* a dealership model.
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    Wheels: I switched from 21 to 20

    Rivian partnered with Pirelli to design a new spec tire for the R1T. That says to me that Rivian didn't feel there was an appropriate off-the-shelf option to meet their load, speed, and efficiency ratings. I suspect this will change as more EV trucks come online, but for now, we have one option.
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    TFL takes the R1T off road in the snow. Rivian R1T vs. Toyota Tundra TRD

    Tommy & David > Roman & Andre
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    TFL takes the R1T off road in the snow. Rivian R1T vs. Toyota Tundra TRD

    How am I supposed to waste office time parsing this new video of it’s posted on a Sunday? 😄
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    Rivian R1T charging curve test 20-80% [by TFL]

    Using the numbers from this video, starting the day at 80% SoC, you'd have 215 miles of range. Tommy pulled into the charger at 20% SoC with 60 miles of range left. After about 20 minutes at this charger, he could have left in the mid-50s% SoC and 135ish miles of range. Not saying that's...
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    who cares about privacy?

    Ok, so I actually read the policy, and I'm now less concerned than I was before. I think you're leaving a lot of context out in order to make the point that data collection is inherently nefarious and Rivian could potentially run roughshod. I'm not sure what "deeply personal" information...
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    TFL chops wood… Can Rivian R1T Survive a Hard Days Work & Hauling?

    Outside of the consternation on this forum, I have rarely heard truck guys worry about whether or not they were exceeding their rated payload. In fact, on the contrary, it's usually a bragging point about how one's truck handled the overload. I'm not advocating for exceeding payload, just...
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    who cares about privacy?

    I'm confused. Am I a naively fatalistic pre-programmed meat robot or am I choosing to be indifferent? Let me check Twitter.
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    who cares about privacy?

    I'm not the type of person that thinks the government, Rivian, my cell carrier, Meta, or Bill Gates care enough to actually watch what I do. I'm not that important and my life isn't that interesting. Adding an R1T that captures my driving habits and in-cab conversations is hardly concerning to...
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    TFL chops wood… Can Rivian R1T Survive a Hard Days Work & Hauling?

    You can - here's the excerpt from the manual:
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    TFL chops wood… Can Rivian R1T Survive a Hard Days Work & Hauling?

    Really well produced - informative and entertaining! Answered a lot of my questions about the bed, some I didn't even know I had. I figured the 1400lb payload rating was really more of a suggestion - that thing was loaded. David's reaction to the launch reminded me of my first time in an EV...