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    Rivian to ramp up production to 200 a week (per Bloomberg)

    Not to sound argumentative but isn't that part of what an internet forum is? People, like me, post opinions, both positive and negative, about whatever the topic may be about? Sharing thoughts, passions and yes, speculation seems to be part of the expected experience. Yes/No? I certainly am no...
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    Rivian to ramp up production to 200 a week (per Bloomberg)

    Sorry, not sure I understand your reply. I am just commenting on what I have seen and how the company has historically handled it. Rivian always had a choice on how to communicate. Nothing I have written, as far as I can tell, is untrue or was taken out of context.
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    Rivian to ramp up production to 200 a week (per Bloomberg)

    Rivian themselves had been setting expectations, at least since April of 2021, during the pandemic, about guides, then imminent delivery of some vehicles. Each and every time, to anyone following them, it was fairly obvious that there was virtually no chance they would make the dates they* were...
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    March - April 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    We received our email stating a March-April time frame. My wife asked me when I thought the vehicle would actually be delivered. I said *maybe by end of Summer 2022, but would not be surprised if we didn't get it until sometime in 2023. I've been beating this drum for a long time. The onerous is...
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    Carwow Rivian R1T review.

    This is the second or third video where I noticed scratches on top of the pop out cup holders. Hope Rivian will address that. Major? No. Acceptable in a 80k vehicle? Shouldn't be.
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    Any predictions on what Rivian service will be like?

    That certainly is a valid perspective. There is always the possibility the first few thousand vehicle owners will get good service, like Tesla provided early on (2013), as there are far few vehicles to service. There is also the built in incentive to avoid getting branded with a reputation for...
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    Ben Sullins selects R1T as 2021 best electric truck and EV of year.

    The "Truck of the year" award was...but I wrote my response in jest. Even Ben mentions that the Rivian truck was the only EV truck available now.
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    Ben Sullins selects R1T as 2021 best electric truck and EV of year.

    Hard to come in second in a one horse race....
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    Rivian R1T Build & Paint Quality Video: Initial Impressions

    Those are good looking wheels for the white Rt1. I am excited to get my Rivian. However, for someone who lives in the middle of the woods and has to travel a couple of miles on a gravel road each day I do worry about the dust and and that tonneau cover. Fit and finish for that one truck...
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    Agua Dulce LA First Drive Event Impressions & Reactions (w/ Videos & Photos)

    That really is a bummer. A good camera, like good cup holders really elevate the ease of use. Likewise the reverse of that could make the truck feel incomplete and a bit of a letdown once the newness wears off. Hopefully the hardware for the camera is just being held back by software and not...
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    FOREST GREEN Rivian Club

    I started off wanting silver, after consuming several pictures and videos I switched to Rivian blue. Then my fancy turned to FG. I had briefly considered LG but quickly decided that it's just too flat/bland for my taste. We ordered my wife a RB RS and I decided to go with FG. For me FG is the...
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    We have a 2017 Raptor, I still appreciate all the cup holders and storage in that vehicle. To me, good cup holders are almost a necessity rather than a luxury. Based on what I have seen so far I am not sure how I feel about the ones in the RT1. That style of cup holder seldom seems to work...
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    2021 Q3 Rivian Shareholder Letter – December 16, 2021. 71K Preorders Received

    I agree. I just do not see Rivian breaking 15k in 2022. If I let my cynicism have it say my guess would be between 6k-12k that get produced and actually make it into customer hands.
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    Toyota kills remote start for existing owners, will require subscription fee to re-enable

    The only way things like this do not become industry wide is for consumers not to put up with it. Reminds me of when BMW decided to start charging extra for Apple car play. They ignored the fact one could get carplay standard on cars that were much less expensive than most of BMW's offerings...
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    FOREST GREEN Rivian Club

    Has anyone seen/spotted a FG with the black mountain interior? We ordered a FG/FE but I keep wondering if the FE will just be too much (green). I was hoping to find a good day light photo of a FG with a door open and a BM interior.
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    🙌 First non-Rivian employee delivery - to owner in NYC!! [Updated with Owner's Q&A, Info, Feedback]

    The tonneau cover looks like a problem waiting to happen. Of course that is complete speculation on my part, but I just lack the confidence that thing is built to last. I suppose time will tell. Outside of that, the truck looks great.
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    Towing impact videos

    I'm not really a fan of the TFL channel per se. I just posted these videos as they were the first I had seen regarding towing and range.
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    Towing impact videos

    Not sure if anyone's posted this yet. another video....
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    New Member "hello" and shameless ask

    No offense to OP but I'm not sure I'd take that trade even if the Bronco was just for the reservation.
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    📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    RT1: FG with FE interior (may change to Launch green with black interior or Blue with Ocean coast, may not). Located in South Carolina. Reserved Nov 2018 I received the email as well. Mine says "Your Launch Edition R1T delivery window is now March - April 2022." Color me cynical but I am not...