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  1. TFL goes hands on with Rivian R1T

    They are going to say that is was good, but not as good as the Silverado EV might be… someday.
  2. Do you think Rivian should only have one battery pack? (Large Pack)

    Meh, they should just make a 350 mile pack and call it a day.
  3. Rivian E-Bike aspirations revealed by trademark filing?

    Cool, but will it fit on racks over the bed?
  4. Rants and Raves after 2 months of Rivian R1T ownership [DISCLAIMER: Unauthorized feedback from non-owner]

    Wow. It took me a few days, but I got through the thread. What a roller coaster.
  5. Meet the new SilvErado!

    I am just not a truck guy. It seems massive and overbearing to me. Maybe they will sell light up truck nuts for it. The Rivians seem a little more scaled back and geared toward going to places I like to go. Now if I can just figure out the bike rack situation.
  6. Early criticism? Vote

    I like the headlights. They are identifying as Rivian. Look at Jeep. Shit went crazy when they introduced the square headlights of the YJ.
  7. Sacramento Rivian Sales/Service Center

    And the Laguna Beach Hub.
  8. Current daily production rate

    I would guess 5-10.
  9. Can your bike be mounted over the R1T bed? [Bike Fitment Guide]

    Honestly, the more I think about it, the more it bums me out. It’s sad that this is a design feature that they are touting for their adventure rig, but a lot of people won’t be able to use it. I am barely 6’ tall. My gravel bike is only a 56cm and it might fit or it might not. My HT won’t fit...
  10. Rivian: “We made our first R1S deliveries last week to RJ and our CFO Claire”

    I am in the same boat. I originally put my deposit down on an S because I wanted to be able to lock camping gear and such in the back. Then I was lured by the lockable tonneau cover, gear tunnel and the ability to put my bikes on a rack over the bed. With last weeks news that my bikes are too...
  11. Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    We crawled around the tent at the First Mile event. It was more comfortable than my bed at home. I need a new bed. I am still torn between the R1T and the R1S. If I can lay flat in the R1S and do the occasional camp inside it, I may forgo the tent. I am kind of bummed the truck bed is too...
  12. Agua Dulce LA First Drive Event Impressions & Reactions (w/ Videos & Photos)

    How was it on the freeway and neighborhood driving? Living in SoCal means a lot of freeway driving, not so much off-road.
  13. Possibly first R1S delivered (probably to an employee)

    Not that it means much, but I drove by the Irvine Headquarters the other day and they had an R1S this color loaded in a truck. I was hoping they were going to back it out, but apparently, they had just loaded it up.
  14. 🙌 First non-Rivian employee delivery - to owner in NYC!! [Updated with Owner's Q&A, Info, Feedback]

    My two kids aren’t going to be allowed to have drinks in my $80,000 truck. Cup holder problem solved.
  15. Is There Going to Be a Second Mile Event For R1S?

    I went to the First Mile event today and drove the R1T. It's AWESOME. I originally put a deposit down on the R1S, but configured to the R1T. I am still torn as to which one I will end up with. The whole " my bike won't fit on the racks over the bed" issue really bums me out. If I am going to...
  16. Agua Dulce LA First Drive Event Impressions & Reactions (w/ Videos & Photos)

    We went to the First Mile Event today. Overall, it was a great time and we are still all in. Here are a few of my thoughts. 1. Its a tank. Way different than my current EV, Mini Cooper, maybe not as fun to whip in and out of traffic with, but fun none the less. It was fast, but you certainly...
  17. Can your bike be mounted over the R1T bed? [Bike Fitment Guide]

    RJ can’t even put bikes on the truck he created. This is the one thing that kind of bugs me and may make me think about the R1S. If I am going to have to put a hitch rack on the back, I may as well have room for my dog and kids.
  18. Agua Dulce LA First Drive Event Impressions & Reactions (w/ Videos & Photos)

    You guys are all spoiled😂 I have spent the last 12 years driving a Jeep with completely faded out plastic windows and no cameras whatsoever. I go in reverse by “feel”.
  19. What will you name your Rivian?

    The Lorax