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  1. Cancelling R1T Preorder - Reasons

    Well, I am holding until its D-Day. I just need a 7 seat SUV that is EV, and not a Tesla ( The X third row was unusable for my situation). If another product comes on the market, I'll cancel. Otherwise, I have no reason not to wait. I would think similar circumstances apply to the R1T. So, why...
  2. "day one" of "not a good day" for $RIVN

    I think the reason Rivian was hit harder is because of the nature of their product. Their only product is a truck, they do not have a lineup that is endearing to many different slices of society. How many people are going to buy the R1T to go rogue in the wild? How many are buying because it...
  3. Are these cars just too damn big?

    Unfortunately with a large family, I am in a bind and can't take a T. Even though I drove the T and I love it!
  4. Are these cars just too damn big?

    I've had a reservation for R1S for 2 years, and I was always concerned with length as my garage setup dictates the car to not be longer than 200, so the R1S is pushing it especially that it is very high and not really sleek at the front. But, you just made me think about the width and I am...
  5. Bollinger suspends B1/B2 passenger vehicles indefinitely

    Oh, I did not know they were still a thing...
  6. Article: Tesla's Cybertruck May Not Actually Happen

    Since the Model S/X/3/Y were the goal of Tesla by it's original owners, it was a plan to be executed on. But let's not kid our selves, I HATE Tesla and Elon, their product is a low quality garbage. But it's innovative, it challenged the status quo, re-shaped the industry, and even though the...
  7. Rivian Signs 7-Year Lease for Large Louisville-Area Warehouse

    I have 2 Tesla service centers in my area, it did not seem to make the experience better, sorry to disappoint you :) But if this is a parts warehouse, then hopefully this means we get parts for our R1 in couple of days rather couple of months; I am assuming they will stock the hell out of it.
  8. Toyota may be producing its own EV truck to rival Rivian.

    I do not think they squandered it. But Toyota isn't going to release a 60-70K car and hope to make it mainstream. The price to energy density ratio is too high for the majority of their buyers,; also their buyers are more willing to shell 2K extra for a hybrid option rather than 60K extra for an...
  9. Toyota may be producing its own EV truck to rival Rivian.

    Actually no, they do sell a BEV Lexus, UX300e. The Mirai also has a fully electric powertrain ( different fuel though, I do not get their fascination with Hydrogen fuel cells )
  10. Toyota may be producing its own EV truck to rival Rivian.

    They have been selling BEV's in Europe since September 2020 though.
  11. Toyota may be producing its own EV truck to rival Rivian.

    How many EV start ups tried and did not make it? Even some mainstream manufacturer's as a bit on the struggling side. Toyota isn't going to muddy their reputation and risk a semi-new platform. If it's practical, they do not use it. That is why they are usually behind in implementations, but when...
  12. Rants and Raves after 2 months of Rivian R1T ownership [DISCLAIMER: Unauthorized feedback from non-owner]

    The last I want to come in late at night, use MyQ to open my garage door, and wake up not just my household, but the whole freaking block with the atrocious beeping. However, it's not the right place for this discussion. But as a feature, I think the R1T missed the mark. I would have been ok...
  13. Rivian’s Stock Slide Deepens as Operating Chief Steps Down

    That's not good. I am sure the real story will not come up, but it is very had to believe he left now to retire, he could've waited another year or two to get them big bonuses.
  14. 2022 BMW iX

    The side view of the rear end, and the steering wheel are making my eyes bleed. But generally, it offers some good experience for a decent price ( For a BMW ). All in all, if it's not a 7-seater, I can't consider it or any other 5 seater suv.
  15. Cost of a recharge at a public EV charging station

    Well dealer mark ups are on a rampage now, a mitsubishi outlander would be a better choice. But a Toyota dealer wanted to buy my Van for 35K, when I said that I would still need a van, they said they'll sell me a brand new one for 63K...
  16. Cost of a recharge at a public EV charging station

    Economically, PHEV will save you the most money. But someone buying an R1 isn't in it to save $50 a month in gas. A Rav 4 plugin or outlander phev will probably be the best bet otherwise.
  17. Power vents

    Think of them as rain sensing wipers or auto high beams. nothing you can't do yourself easily, but you get used to it. The reason why I liked the power vents, is that their control was easy, and I can open/close/adjust vents that are out of my reach rather easily.
  18. Nanotech Organolyte Batteries

    Since they seem to make only AA batteries, I have to assume they do not scale very well yet. They are using them in low discharge applications as well.
  19. Porsche Taycan beats EPA rating in winter!

    As I said in a previous post. In Chicago the heat pumps struggle in the winter. It can't keep up with the cabin temp and battery conditioning, and it does prioritize the cabin. You will drive 45 minutes, and almost no regen braking, and minimal power draw available to the driving experience...
  20. Porsche Taycan beats EPA rating in winter!

    I am 100% confident that once I grow enough balls to tell my wife I am spending that much on a car, Aston Martin will be fully eclectic!