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  1. R1S going the way of "The Maxpak"

    I'm not aware of anyone with a R1S delivery window prior to March-April. If there hasn't been any R1S activity within the next 3 months then I might get concerned, but the max pack delay really has nothing to do with the R1S.
  2. Heated wipers question with no heat pump

    Model X does not have directly heated wipers, but rather a heating element in the windshield where the wipers are parked.
  3. RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    There doesn't appear to be any Midnight either. It's hard to tell if there's any Forest Green despite RJ's son saying he likes it best. There's definitely White, Launch Green, Blue, and Granite.
  4. Article: Tesla's Cybertruck May Not Actually Happen

    Like it or not, I still expect Cybertruck to hit the market looking more or less like the concept that was shown. The challenge is figuring out how to mass produce a vehicle with a stainless steel exoskeleton at a reasonable cost. It might end up being a $100,000+ flagship model rather than...
  5. Do you think Rivian should only have one battery pack? (Large Pack)

    I don't see any problem with their current offerings. While I don't have a need for the max pack personally, there are many other use cases for the vehicle where an extra 33% capacity would be beneficial. There's no harm in offering it to people who are willing to wait.
  6. April - May 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    There are plenty of employees with R1Ts around here, I'm tempted to flag one down and ask if I can take a look/drive. I can't see them offering a test drive program here until spring at the earliest.
  7. Are you changing from Max to Large Packs when CS calls you?

    Relax, it's only 2 business days into the month. We all know Rivian likes to wait until the last possible week to meet their timelines.
  8. Any predictions on what Rivian service will be like?

    I second the experience with Tesla service steadily declining from when I got the car in 2016 until now. At least I've always been able to get a loaner, but the most recent one was the filthiest car (inside) I've ever driven. The decline can mostly be attributed to the volume of Model 3 and Y...
  9. Sunroof with variable light control

    That looks pretty cool, even moreso than the dimming feature Rivian originally promised then cut for cost savings.
  10. Rivian Charging Station in Salida, CO is Under Construction

    While I agree it's doubtful they'll reach the goal, I would not use the construction timeline of this site as a precedent for future installations. Rivian's primary attention right now is getting production ramped up and deliveries to customers. There is little need to build out the charging...
  11. January/Feb delivery windows

    Does anyone know the source of the videos showing the purchasing process and pre-delivery App? Is he a January-February delivery or an employee?
  12. When will Large battery pack be available for pre-order?

    Just pointing out that the "Large Pack" is the one currently shipping, and the "Max Pack" is the longer range pack you are asking about.
  13. Rivian: “We made our first R1S deliveries last week to RJ and our CFO Claire”

    They may consider it 60/40 because although the center can be put down independently, it is dependent on the passenger-side seat in order to be up and if that seat is folded it must be folded too, plus the seat cushion would be shared. However, I can't think of any practical reason why you...
  14. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    RJ appears to be sitting in the passenger seat, so it seems like a fair assumption that it's his. Maybe since he has a Rivian Blue R1T he didn't want the same color again.
  15. LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    I've seen Launch Green R1Ts twice this week now, once on a sunny day and once on a cloudy day. I had second doubts about my selection on the sunny day, but I loved it on the cloudy day. It's funny because I would normally expect a car to look better in the sun, but with Launch Green the sun...
  16. Official Announcement of Georgia Plant Expected Tomorrow [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

    EVs not requiring service is a myth. My Tesla has required service once or twice a year as long as I've owned it, and just came back from a week and a half at the service center.
  17. R1S launch edition - can a removable roof be added later when available?

    I've always pictured Rivian's removable roof to be panels that take the place of the glass rather than an entire removable assembly like the Jeep Wrangler or Bronco. This might be easier to retrofit than other options, but I expect the final design will completely re-engineer the roof and not...
  18. Rivian VIN Decoder 🔐

    Each model typically has its own sequence. Most manufacturers reset the sequence with each model year but it wouldn't surprise me if Rivian copies Tesla's approach and keeps it a running total.
  19. Switch from R1S to R1T for earlier delviery?

    It's unlikely switching models will significantly improve your delivery schedule. The only place it makes a difference are for early Launch Edition customers. By the time both models are in general production they will balance the mix towards whatever model has greater demand to keep wait...
  20. Cadillac Lyriq - debut edition orders accepted

    You cannot legally produce a 2023 model until January 1, 2022. Hummer EV will launch as a 2022 model and Lyriq will launch as a 2023 model.