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  1. RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    I suspect another (hopefully minor) delay in meeting the delivery windows. I’m trying to adjust my expectations to a May/June timeframe but would love to be pleasantly wrong. I understand the pessimism given the multiple delays and shoddy communication with those delays, but I’m trying to remain...
  2. RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    I agree with this 👆. The next 60 days will give us a much better idea of production and delivery numbers.
  3. Limestone vs Launch Green - Direct Color Comparison

    I still want to see limestone on a truck but this confirms my choice for launch green.
  4. LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    My choice as well. Black mountain interior, too.
  5. Colorado Checking In

    I hope the tonneau is at least retracted if trucks are being delivered with inoperable covers.
  6. March - April 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    Has anyone had any success in asking Rivian CS to consider sending a truck to your city to test drive before delivery? I would drive 150+ miles for the opportunity to do so before a delivery day is set. I would hate to have delivery day come, drive the truck, then realize it's not for me.
  7. Real Life Photos of the Rivian Wheels / Rims Options [Compilation]

    The 20 inch brights are my second favorite wheel offering.
  8. March - April 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    I will be happy to provide feedback and content once I take delivery. Not that I am counting down or anything, but only 53 days until March 1.
  9. Rants and Raves after 2 months of Rivian R1T ownership [DISCLAIMER: Unauthorized feedback from non-owner]

    Very helpful and insightful comments. Makes my expectations more realistic and makes me realize I need to educate myself on the charging process.
  10. GLACIER WHITE Rivian Club

    Wow. That’s an impressive shop. I’ll definitely be doing something similar with mine. Im not a big fan of what’re cars usually but the white with black trim and black wheels looks super sharp.
  11. March - April 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    I fall into this category and will be over the moon if the delivery time period is accurate. I remain hopeful. LE R1T - Launch green. Black forest. Dark 20’s. Cargo racks.
  12. Meet the new SilvErado!

    The electric silverado is not for me, but I am excited about the future of cars. Bring on the EV trend!
  13. Video of R1T lights at night - headlights, tail lights, turn signals, interior, frunk, bed, lock/unlock

    I don't mind the lights either.... would I be fine without the logo imbedded in the lights? Sure. But it's not something I will pay too much attention to. I do very much like the sequence of the lights when the car is locked/unlocked and hope for some customization options down the road.
  14. What does 800 hp feel like?

    I appreciate all the responses. Can’t wait to drive one. I may try to test drive a Tesla in the next couple weeks to see how a quick EV feels. I did drive an Audi E-tron a few weeks ago and loved the experience. If it was a touch bigger I think their market would expand big time. Just too small...
  15. What does 800 hp feel like?

    I cannot wait to experience that. Hopefully just another 90 days or so
  16. What does 800 hp feel like?

    So I’ve never driven a vehicle with more than 400 hp or so. I drive a Jeep Wrangler and it’s really fun but not what you’d call fast. For those that have driven the R1T or are used to other high performance cars, what’s it like to have so much power at your disposal? I’ve seen way too many...
  17. LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    So I changed to an R1T and can’t change my username. I’ll have to sell the wrangler when the R1T comes. I have really enjoyed the wrangler though- just want to get into an EV.
  18. LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    Sweet! Man, LG changes a lot in different lights. This is my current configuration. I don’t think I’ll even see pics of the limestone color before it’s my turn to confirm my order so I’m 95% sure LG with the black wheels will be what I go with.
  19. LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    Good for them........ right? The use of the word finally in that post is tough. I am trying to be optimistic that customer deliveries will get rocking and rolling after the holidays
  20. 🙌 First non-Rivian employee delivery - to owner in NYC!! [Updated with Owner's Q&A, Info, Feedback]

    Can’t we just be excited that someone got their truck and is sharing info about it?