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  1. Drag Races: Rivian R1T vs Ram TRX and Model Y Performance

    Yet another YT video with loud, crappy generic background music on an endless loop.
  2. Carwow Rivian R1T review.

    The R1T is barely making it to consumers’ driveways and already posing on the gear tunnel door, or posing one’s kid or dog on that door, has become the “duck lips” of every R1T reviewer’s photo shoot. Please - no. (P.S. - no offense intended, DuckTruck. 🤣)
  3. Wallbox Quasar 2 bidirectional V2H CCS-combo DC charger announced, turns EVs into huge Powerwall

    Hard to read that article when the writer can’t even use the proper CHAdeMO name.
  4. KTLA - "I see why there’s so much excitement around this startup"

    OK - but is there a plug for the gear guard cable near the BT speaker in the cab?
  5. KTLA - "I see why there’s so much excitement around this startup"

    The gear guard cable has to be looped through an item(s) in the bed and both cable ends plugged in below the air compressor outlet on the drivers side of the bed panel in order to arm the internal wiring of the cable -if it’s cut, you’ll then get an alert on your app and the cameras will record...
  6. Doug DeMuro tours the F150 Lightning

    The biggest negative about the Lightning that Daddy Doug failed to mention - you have to purchase it from a Ford dealership.
  7. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    April - May 2022 Preorder date 5/2020; LE R1T, large pack, white, black interior, 20” ATs, Oklahoma.
  8. R1T's spotted at South San Francisco Service Center

    Exactly - 1-1/2 days worth of production. 😳
  9. Hertz To Purchase 100,000 Teslas by End of 2022
  10. The Horn

    This has been my first mod to every car I’ve bought for the last several years: Has saved me from getting hit by countless fools on their cell phone as they start drifting into my lane. Completely self-contained, but it needs to be spliced into the OEM horn wire and connected direct to a...
  11. The Anticipation is Killing Me

    I know a guy who knows a guy who could get you some killer Chilewich coasters with the Rivian logo on them. 😆
  12. 📂 Rivian IPO S1 Filing - reveals preorder numbers, R1S delivery date, Autonomous Subscription Fee & more...

    I’ll pass. Someone would figure out how to monetize such films by blaring ads at you just like the screens on gas pumps.
  13. Lack of Android Auto / Waze is a reason to cancel

    Don’t know about AA, but newest integrations of CarPlay are wireless - connects automatically when you start the car. I would really, really like to have that in the R1T, but to me it’s not a deal breaker as the overall truck has so many positives.
  14. R1T Reviews Master List: JRE, Rivian Stories, Jalopnik, Inside EVs, KBB, Roadshow, ETC

    Dude in first review has had an R1T on preorder for about three years, but at the end of his glowing review on the truck states he might not go through with his order - please don’t; then I get to move up a spot! 🤣
  15. R1T Climbing Hells Gate - Amazing Video

    “Does it have a like posi trac?” 😆
  16. CNN Business Article - "Rivian is no Tesla" has interesting comments from some of our own Forum members

    This ad popped up in the middle of the article - I initially thought they were doing body work on the crashed Rivian and was puzzled by the new shade of blue. 🤣
  17. Rivian in last place (and I don't care) in EV efficiency comparison

    I’ve never bought an ICE vehicle based on MPG efficiency and I won’t be buying an EV based on MPGe either. So, as is currently accepted I would say “I could care less” that Rivian is rated last in EV efficiency - but I could, and do, care less.
  18. What are you currently driving? (Glamour Shots)

    Picked up a ‘21 Tacoma TRD Pro in Lunar Rock as my placeholder vehicle until the R1T arrives. And as soon as it does I’ll be selling the Tacoma, so PM me if you’re interested in it.
  19. 🚨 R1T Red Alert: First Retail "Sellable R1T" - First Look Video!

    I bet Jay Leno purchased that one in the video.