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    Limestone vs Launch Green - Direct Color Comparison

    Thanks for posting this pic. One of the best looks at Limestone that I've seen. Looks like there is enough green in it to make it a reasonable match with Forest Edge.

    FOREST GREEN Rivian Club

    My current config is Limestone with Forest Edge interior, but I'm getting nervous since there do not appear to be any Limestone vehicles out there in the real world. Too many unknowns about the color and how it goes with the different interiors.

    FOREST GREEN Rivian Club

    I've been interested in Limestone from the get go, but I've become more interested in Forest Green paired with Forest Edge interior. Seems like it should be a great match. For those of you who have seen this combo in person, I'd really value your take and any photos you might have saved.

    Rivian R1T Build & Paint Quality Video: Initial Impressions

    I can't take his off the cuff review of the sound system seriously. Very short, doors open as mentioned elsewhere, listening to 10-15 seconds of music someone else chose, and he's clearly not an audiophile. He should stick to c critiquing build quality and assembly flaws, which he is obviously...

    Estimated Time of Delivery feature coming to Rivian configuration tool

    And so the next feature that will be added will probably be a new platform to estimate when the estimated time of delivery function will be operational.

    My observations from Sonoma Rivian test drive event

    I'd like to get your take on the Forest Edge interior.

    New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    Have any other pre-order holders received this same communication, or is this delay possibly the result of a specific configuration detail that is held up by supply chain issues?

    Mysterious Limestone

    Is anyone else getting really nervous about the total absence of real world photos/videos of Limestone among the hundreds of R1T images out there on the web and social media? Although there are images of color samples, have we seen one production vehicle in Limestone? Has anyone who attended a...

    📂 Rivian IPO S1 Filing - reveals preorder numbers, R1S delivery date, Autonomous Subscription Fee & more...

    What are the implications of living in a "Restricted State" (p. 139)? Is it likely that the list of full-approval states will be the first to receive deliveries?

    Pickup Truck & SUV experts gobsmacked with R1T first drive [review]

    This was an amazing review that presents an everyman view of the R1t without losing the viewer in loads of technical jargon. I think my wife will find this to be a very convincing justification for why I've chosen Rivian for my next vehicle. Thanks for posting this!

    Rivian working around the clock - over 1500 job openings including 1st and 3rd shift stamping

    I was impressed that all Rivian job openings appear to require COVID vaccination. Preventing COVID outbreaks in the workplace should promote output of the finished products.

    Rivian Files For IPO Valued at $80 Billion! UPDATE: S-1 Filed

    Could someone who understands the IPO process please explain why such a big deal is made over what the company (Rivian in this case) claims that it is worth? Is this what determines the opening price of shares in the IPO offering?

    New video "Let's Just Drive" & official letter from RJ provides huge update!

    Is that R1t in Limestone in the background over RJ's left shoulder?

    Invited to Lunch w/ Sr. Director of Customer Engagement Center. Have Questions?

    I would like them to clearly put forth their decision-making algorithm that indicates precisely what variables are determining why/how/when a given pre-order gets cued up for delivery. Some candidate variables may include date of pre-order, geographic location, number of other pre-orders in the...

    If I place order today when do I need to have the money to buy this....

    Nobody knows how many people who have put down the $1K deposit will actually pull the trigger when the time comes and actually purchase a Rivian. My guess is that most of us have some level of uncertainty and we're waiting for test drives, seeing actual colors and early adopters' experiences...

    Florida Power and Light(FPL) EV Charging Station Announcement

    As an approximate 2-year update to this thread, here is a link to the Florida Power and Light Evolution program website with more current details. There is also an app from the program available for download.

    Do Normal Rivian workers belong to unions?

    Also of considerable significance is whether Rivian has been able to hire and retain a sufficient number of front line assembly staff, especially during these times when just about every employer is struggling to maintain an adequate work force.

    Lordstown Motors Has Been Faking Orders, Is Actually 3-4 Years From Production: Research Firm

    Even worse news for Lordstown. Their two top execs have resigned and stock prices have plummeted.

    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Marvelous, I hope you'll keep us all posted about your experience and any lessons learned along the way.